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I can work with you to suit your needs for advertising, sponsorship, campaign, promotion and other forms, I can be reach by email or use this Form.

I am launching my new business services that covers Social Media Management also Virtual Assistant. For more details please visit the my business website.

What Can I Offer You:

  • Banner ad placement on my sidebar
  • Sponsored Blog Post
  • Campaign
  • Product Review
  • Giveaway
  • Brand Relationships (Brand Ambassadorship, etc)
  • Events/Launching Coverage – I can and will travel if necessary


As of 28 December 2016 – the numbers increase daily and I am working diligently to have a strong social media presence.

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I would love to work with you even if you are a startup company, a small business, a fellow blogger. Email me and we can work something out together.

Feel free to check out my PR page and Disclosure Policy.


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