The Secret of Letting Go

How do you let go?

How do you cut the cord that has been attached to your heart and soul for 5 years?

The Secret of Letting Go

Let it Be

You retreat…

You withdraw from life and it is OK to feel defeated

It is okay to cry yourself to sleep

It is okay to silently weep

All your feelings are valid

There is no deadline

Feel the waves of grief that came up

Allow whatever come up the surface

Just remember to breathe

I know, I understand it is easier than done

Just remember to be kind to yourself

Don’t judge nor hold a grudge

Sometimes life has strange and unpredictable ways to bring about her lessons if only we are willing to let go and to see the true meaning behind the pain you are sailing through at the moment.

So take your time, dear one.

Sit alone with your pain and heartache

Feel the pulsating ache as they come and believe me, they will come sometimes when you even least expected it.

A picture…

A song…

A place…

They could easily bring back the memories and your tender heart will let you know the pain of being cracked open again.

Yet there is beauty in being raw

In being brutally honest with your emotions

Because in doing so it will allow you to examine your thoughts, fears, anger, and despair.

Know that you are LOVED by the Universe, by God!

Even when it hurts like a fucking bitch

You are LOVED and the Universe has your back, always.

You may not know how to let go just yet

And that is OK!

Just remember that you are exactly where you needed to be to expand your soul.

Please know that this too shall pass even when you just can’t see how you can swim across this turbulent wild sea that life plunged you in. You will be fine, I promise you.

So stay strong,

Let your heart bleed and heal naturally.


Let me leave you with this video from Jeff Foster that helps me in just Let it Be! It is a truly beautiful reminder that what you resist, persists. That sadness is not asking to be let go off, sadness is not asking to be healed. That the best way is to Let it Be.

Take care, dear friends. I hope this writing and video can help you heal whatever you need to heal.


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