Sunny Day At The Park

Well, well, well, after I blogged about how cold it has been here today’s warm sunny clear sky turned out to be a very nice break. Temperature now is 24 C (around 75 F).

After I went to get some groceries at the RT. Mart (a supermarket), I thought hey why not take this little man to the park. There’s a park that I haven’t been to a few blocks down from the apartment called Ma An Shan Park.

Ma An Shan Park

So at around 2:00 PM off we went down to that park. It’s not too close but it didn’t feel that far either. I guess after awhile, walking had returned to be a daily regular thing and it didn’t bother me as much as when I first got here. (Pssst…I began to feel my jeans are a bit loose already! Hooray for walking!). The park is nice and clean with lots of trees and plants. Sure is happy to see the No Smoking sign there.

Lil’ A immediately got super excited when he spotted the big fountain inside the park. “Waterfall! Waterfall!” he screamed in excitement.


We strolled to check the fish pond. Boy, those kois are HUGE! Too bad the water was murky that I can’t take a really good picture to show them off.

View from the other side

The park’s layout made it a bit difficult to push a stroller up the stairs. It took a bit of acrobatic action from my part to hold excited Lil’ A’s hand while carrying the stroller with the other hand to go up those stairs. The park looked quite small when you first got there but once you went up the stairs you’ll realize how big that place is.

Spotted more bride & grooms-to-be having their pre-wedding pictures taken right there at the park. I think it must’ve been the ‘wedding season’ as I saw a lot of these outdoor pre-wedding photo sessions around. Those love birds looks so cute!

Bride to be

While I was trying to sneak a picture of the happy couple, a little girl about 5/6 years old came over to Lil’ A with his mother and grandmother. The mother told her to say hello and she politely say “Hello”. She hold his hand and the mother took pictures (well, she’s not the only one!), that’s just too cute. Lil’ A was a bit confused at first but participate none the less.

Boy and his new friend

After a couple of more ‘smaller’ stairs we got to what looks like a playground for both kids and adults. There’s a small slide and a bunch of weird exercise equipments that I never even seen before. Seems like the Chinese love to exercise and that’s just what some people were doing there along with some little children.

Fun at the park


parkJR told me that there’s a small shop there by the playground that sell fish food so after I let Lil’ A played around we went to the shop and get some. Lil’A was super happy because there were a lot of young kids there playing although I think they’re older than him. Sometimes I feel bad for him because he haven’t got much chance to really socialize with kids his own age. The kids inside our compound are either babies or way older than he is.

Let's Play!

By time I got to persuaded Lil’ A to go back to feed the fish, a women that works there were in the middle of feeding those giant koi fishes. Oh well, maybe tomorrow we’ll get lucky. My camera’s battery ran out there, bummer!

Have a great week everyone!


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