Stumbled Abroad


Many people call it the Big Durian.

It’s thorny…sharp…

It smells oh so strongly!

Some vouched their undying love for it.

Some will gag over the smell.

That’s Jakarta.

That’s my home.

Jakarta oh Jakarta.

Like some of you had already know, I have a love – hate relationship with this city.

I’ve Stumbled Abroad…

Meet Ana who blog at Stumble Abroad. We met through World Moms Blog – yet another reasons why I love being a part of WMB!

She lives in Jakarta too, she’s a mother to two handsome boys, expat family currently ‘transplanted’ in Jakarta. They had lived abroad in many different places so her blog is truly one of a kind.

She is starting an awesome new series on her blog called Fabulous Jakartan Friday and I am very honored that she chose to interview me first.

Come and read more oh also do show her Facebook Page some love while you’re at it. Thank’s folks! See you there?




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