[Sponsored] Ultra Jaya Factory Visit with Tetra Pak

Factory Visit to Ultra Jaya with Female Daily and Tetra Pak (1)

Ever since I became a mother I grew more critical when it comes to what I give to my son.

From what he drinks to what he eat. That’s motherhood for you, isn’t? Where the wellbeing and health of our little ones became far more important.

I have wrote before about where I stand between formula milk and fresh milk. Fast forward 5 years later, my stance on this has shifted again but when I received the invitation from Mommies Daily for their event: “Factory Visit ke Pabrik Ultra Jaya Bersama Tetra Pak” (Factory Visit to Ultra Jaya with Tetra Pak) I was stoked!

First of all, the only milk my son has been drinking since we moved back to Indonesia in 2008 is UHT Milk from Tetra Pak (or he calls it “Susu Ultra” and yes, I remember sipping on the strawberry flavored UHT milks from Ultra Jaya when I was a wee little girl. So these milk has been around for a really long time. Thus, an opportunity to visit their factory was exciting.

With several other bloggers we went to the factory in Padalarang, Bandung by bus on August 22, 2015. During the 2 hours something ride we were pretty entertained competing to win the prizes for those who score high on TapnGrow a great game app from Tetra Pak. I got a small cute pouch from downloading and installing the app prior to the trip.

TapnGrow Gift Pouch

When we got to the factory, we were warmly greeted by Tetra Pak and Ultra Jaya staff. They gave us a pretty detailed presentation of Tetra Pak, about the history of Tetra Pak packing evolutions from the first time it was found to what they looks like today. We learned about what is aseptic packaging really is. The information given was fascinating and very educative for us mothers. We also discovered the processing procedure from the moment the milk arrive to the factory, their testing procedure, down to their shelf lives. It assured us mothers that a package of UHT milk contains all of milk’s natural goodness.
Tetra Pak Factory Visit

Aseptic packaging advantage

Aseptic packaging advantage

We then toured the whole factory – unfortunately no photography is allowed inside – but it was quite once in a lifetime experience to walk through their huge factory and to witnessed how they are processing the milk, how the packaging procedures were carried out by machines. It was a very high-tech environment with aseptic processing and packaging technology that protects the natural nutrition in milk, without the need for preservatives or refrigeration.

First Group for Factory Touring

Following the tour inside the factory, we returned to the meeting room for lunch and Ultra Jaya manager held a Q&A session where he answered all questions given by participants. These ladies are thorough and critical and rightly so because well, we are all mothers and we want to make sure that we are giving the right milk for our children. I asked about the source of the milk, the cows…where they are from and if they are coming from farms owned by Ultra Jaya itself or outsourced from others. They said it is a combination of both. Most of Ultra Jaya’s dairy cows were imported from Australia.

Tetra Pak Packaging Explained

Knowing and seeing the whole process at the factory assured us that the nutrition in UHT milk provides essential ingredients needed for children’s growth and development. UHT milk is better than sugar laden formula milk and that’s what I believe.

Infographic Milk Consumption

Thank you Tetra Pak!

Female Daily and Tetra Pak still have a fun filled event for us awaiting at the Mason Pine hotel, a few minutes drive from the Ultra Jaya factory.

A cooking show demo with celebrity chef Norman Ismail who showed simple recipes we could do at home. The first recipe was an overnight oats breakfast, a pasta recipe and a steak recipe.

All participants were then challenged to a cooking competition. Devided by 5 groups, yours truly included.

It was so much fun!

Congrats to the winner.

Congrats, winner!

It's a wrap!

Thank you Female Daily and Tetra Pak for a successful event!

One happy boy!

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  1. September 1, 2015 / 1:54 pm

    suka banget gw ama Ultra dari dulu juga, si nyokap dari thn 80 an udah sering jg nih jalan2 ke pabrik Ultra ini dan pulang bawa goodies nya,seneng kalau ngeliat dia pulang nenteng2 paket 🙂

    • September 9, 2015 / 1:26 pm

      Sama Ya bok gw juga inget dari jaman dulu minumnya udah susu ultra hahaha.

  2. Rosey
    September 1, 2015 / 8:47 pm

    That really would be great to see the process. That’s a once in a lifetime experience, I’m glad you got to do it.

    • September 9, 2015 / 1:27 pm

      Absolutely, Rosey 😀 It sure was. Thank you!

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