When I first started working out and making a lifestyle change to be healthy, I knew very little about the whole supplement aspects of it. My ex trainer gave me some brochures for supplement back in April when this whole journey just started but I didn’t buy anything because I thought I don’t really need them.

Actually, it wasn’t until I started to visibly see small muscles on my biceps and triceps that I started thinking long and hard about supplements. That hey, maybe I need to take some of them.

Off to Google I went and asking my best friend, T who has been rocking a healthy lifestyle. A great website that gives educative information about supplements for women is the BodyBuilding, check out  The Girls Guide To Supplements.

First thing on my wish list – and the list is keep growing – was the famous Whey Protein. After reading a lot of reviews online and with T’s advice I picked one particular brand. At first the price tags really scared the heck out of me. At local stores here, these protein powder are being sold very very expensively, over double the prices you’d find in the States.

Trying to be frugal, I turned to Google and saw some online forums that sells them for a lot cheaper than these health stores at the mall. Fortunately, T warned me that there are knockoff whey protein out there so I really need to be careful and buy from a trusted seller only.

In came Suplemenku.com and Suplemenexpress.com

Again, T came to my rescue – see how much it rocks having friends who can be your role model?  She gave me the Blackberry Pin Number for the owner of these two websites.

The guy, Brian turned out to be a really awesome guy. Wasn’t your typical seller who one and only motive is to make as many profits as they can. He actually has became a good friend now. He never hesitate in asking you questions such as what is your goal? Fat loss or muscles building? What’s your current status physically right now.

Never once he tried to shove more expensive items! He will advice you on what will works best for your goals and for me that is a huge plus.

So far I’ve purchased Whey Protein Powder and Multivitamin for Women from him, all were shipped to me quickly no hassle at all. He didn’t even charge me shipping fee. They carries great range of products for your needs.

On their Facebook Page, they also shares a lot of fitness tips.

If you are in Jakarta in particular (or wherever in Indonesia) and need to get fitness supplements, I highly highly recommended Suplemenku and SuplemenExpress.

Disclosure: This review is not a paid review and was written solely based on my own satisfactory level of being their customer.

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