Reality Shows…My 2 Cents

Being a stay at home mom means I spend a lot of times at home and although I barely have time to sit down and watch the tube I can’t help but noticing the ongoing trend of local television shows in Indonesia. At first glance, I was kinda impressed that there’s a reality show that looks real enough and shows people how poverty are a huge part of our society and it’s a real problem. Instead of stupid local soap operas with actors & actresses who can barely hold a line, with overdone mask as make ups and unrealistic story lines, watching these kinds of reality show felt somewhat of a fresh air.

However, as usual other channels quickly jumped into the bandwagon of sad-tearjerker-poverty-stricken-reality shows and I can’t help but wonders what’s going on. Are these stations just trying to capitalize on it and just trying to get their dough or they really do want to bring reality closer to their viewer? Is their goal really to bring social awareness? Is exposing these people with their hard lives really help them out? Are the people who watch it take these shows as mental detoxification? Does it bring gratitude for our own lives?

At first I thought these kinds of shows are good especially for the younger generations to shows them how life isn’t just evolved between their newest BlackBerry phones or their branded obsessed little minds. There are people who could barely eat let alone splurge on the latest gadget trends out there in our own backyard! Yet when all stations starts to air pretty much the same concept shows, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I’m just being cynical to the underlying motives of these stations. To me, giving these poor people 1 million or more rupiah will only helps them so far while the stations are picking revenues over revenues in million brackets from commercials and high ratings. Won’t it be better if they also provide these poor and usually low educated people with skills that they can use to support their families in the long run? Not just some tearjerker half an hour to an hour show that soon will be forgotten?

Well, that’s my two cents of the whole so-called TV trend.




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