Pros & Cons Internet Explorer 9

When I was asked to give Internet Explorer 9 a try, I honestly was a bit wary since I haven’t use Internet Explorer in awhile, but I took the challenged even though I’m not that tech savvy. So here are my own Pros & Cons:


  • Speed: This is the first thing I noticed about it. It is way faster than its predecessor although this is also depending on your internet connection, IE 9 can now compete with other big names browsers out there. This might be because IE 9 follows the latest web standards (HTML, CSS, JavaScript wise) so it is now way faster than the older version or some of its competitor.
  • Pined Sites: This feature is uber cool. You can easily drag your favorite/most visited sites to the Windows Task Bar and they’d be just a click away.
  • Clean sleek look: I’m a sucker for wide viewing and clean look. It’s so much easier for the eyes. IE 9 implement this nicely. The look is minimalist without clogging your screen with so many add-ons/tool bars.
  • Combined search and address bar: This is neat and I love the idea that you can easily saved up time by just tying the keyword and it will search it for you. Also, on the bottom, you have options to use which search engine you like.
  • Warning for Add-ons: This is a new feature that I immediately noticed. Located on the bottom of your screen, if an add-on is causing your browser to be slow, IE 9 will warn you and ask if you want to disable it. Pretty neat, I should say so.


  • Availability: For now IE 9 only available if your computer is running on Windows 7 or Windows Vista so the market isn’t as widespread as others browsers or older IE versions. I sure hope they will expand their markets to reach people still using older version of Windows.

In overall, I think Internet Explorer 9 has come a long way since the last time I use them and I’m going to keep it around on my laptop at home. Are you interested in giving it a try? Do so by going to Beauty of The Web.

Disclaimer: I have received an Amazon voucher from Microsoft in connection with this blog


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