Flying With Children – What To Pack

If you are flying alone with a child, there are more things to prepare even before you get to the packing steps.

First, get yourself a sturdy diaper backpack. Why backpack? It will free your two hands to deal with your child or pushing the stroller in the miles long airport.

I highly recommend this backpack from One Step Ahead. They are a bit on a heavy side especially if it’s well packed. Take a look at this:

See why I love this backpack? It makes finding things so much easier with their plenty of mesh compartments. You can even put your laptop on the back compartment.

Things you should always pack in your backpack/carry-ons:

  • Make sure you have enough baby wipes, diapers, small tube of diaper rash cream (stash a larger tube in your checked in luggage) and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Do packs plastic bags, the ones from your grocery stores will suffice. Wrap those dirty smelly diapers/pulls up with plastic bag before throwing it in the garbage cans inside the lavatory or you can wrap up wet clothes too.
  • If your child has a lovey, pack that first and foremost!
  • Medications for your child. If they are on special medications make sure you bring along the prescriptions copy to show airport officials when they checked your bags. Put them in clear zip-lock bags.
  • Change of clothes. Make sure you brought more than enough just in case your child had an exploded diaper, vomit, or your luggage get lost/delayed. Include socks too!
  • Change of clothes for you! Yes, I had the unfortunate happened when my son vomited all over me and I forgot to pack an extra pair of pants!
  • Snacks & baby foods! Milk, juice & water is allowed just make sure you declare them at security check. Also always pack a spare (or two) of clean baby bottles/sippy cups.
  • Make sure you pack enough toys/activities pack to entertain your wee ones onboard. Opt for toys with minimum sounds to avoid disturbing other passengers. Books, coloring books, a doodle pad, and sticker books are great. One of our favorite is play dough! My son loves them and can play with it for hours on end.
  • When your child is big enough to have their own carry on, let them pick one at the store. Trunki is a great invention and I’m planning to get one myself very soon.
  • Children harness. This will comes in handy at the airport, your little one can roam and wonder around burning some of those energies and you would still be keeping a tab on them.
  • I had list it before – but –  I’m going to list it again, iPod or iPad are awesome, just load them up with plenty of your child’s favorite movies, songs, shows.

It may seems a lot and yes, I still find that sometimes I wish I can pack the kitchen sink too!



  1. December 2, 2011 / 6:32 pm

    Love this list! Thanks so much for sharing this, Maureen!

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