Detox Report – Day 4 – 12

So late, I know but here’s the update on my 12 days detox program from Wellness Warung.

Day 4: 28 Nov 2013

Today was easier; I’m beginning to get into the rhythm of taking my morning elixir drink (water and lemon). I learned to prep my breakfast the night before so in the morning all I have to do is put everything in my bag. This means I’m carrying more loads to work but that’s totally OK as I know I’m doing my body some really good things by feeding healthy non-processed food.

Energy wise, I feel normal although it says we can add protein from clean ‘sources’ aka organic chicken or wild caught fish, I choose to stay ‘meatless’. Does that mean I’m going vegetarian? No, not quite I just never cut meat out and I’d like to see how my body reacts to this. Call me experimental?

I decided to do light workout tho, not my typical 45 minutes sessions. I aimed for 20 minutes.

Went to be early again and it does do wonders.

Day 5: 29 Nov 2013

The light-headedness is gone.

I definitely feels lighter. I used to have headache from  the moment I woke up – this is because my eating was probably very poorly as I fell off the eat clean wagon. But no more headaches!

Energy wisely, I feel normal as if I’m not on a special different diet.

Also I’ve been sleeping early and I cut my exercise from 45-50 minutes to 20 minutes.

Day 6: 30 Nov 2013

Today was a breeze, easy. Maybe because it was Saturday? I continue with my eating and I feel fantastic. I dropped another kilo!

Amazing what raw eating is doing for my body.

Day 7: 1 December 2013

I woke up, made myself Apple Pie delight which was delicious with a twang.

Because it was Sunday, I didn’t do much. I sleep earlier again and feels fantastic.

Day 8: 2 December 2013

I am in love with quinoa! There, I might not eat rice again hahaha it’s that good. Better than my red rice.

Day 9: 3 December 2013

Drinking my green tea plain without any sweetener feels ‘normal’. Normal? Yes, as in I don’t feel weird, it doesn’t taste blah. It just tastes like well green tea!

I also notice my skin feel and looks clearer. Yes, I had some breakouts probably from the detox process itself? I’m not sure or maybe it was that time of the month.

Day 10: 4 December 2013

Today was pivotal! Some of the ladies at work asked if I am using a new foundation. I said no. They said my skins looks brighter, my complexion clears up and overall I look fresh. Either that’s because I’m waiting for my man or it’s from eating right. I think it’s the latter. Dan of course compliment me and told me all this healthy eating and sleeping more than 6 hours a night really does wonder for me.

It’s a little hard for me to notice the differences on my skin but I do feel my face is somewhat less oily and overall I fell great. I feel fantastic.

Day 11: 5 December 2013

I’m so excited as the detox is nearing to an end Dan and I decided we will find a way to incorporate this way of eating into our daily lives. For me that means, green smoothie for breakfast. There’s just something that fits my body just right with this type of breakfast. For Dan? Fruits for breakfast is his choice. We both agree that we will do minimal grains and from Monday – Saturday we will be eating healthy with Sunday as the day we can indulge.

It’s all about balance isn’t?

I do feel so much better but I need to have more protein and trying to balance everything out.

Day 12: 6 December 2013

Big big last day! Why? Because my Dan arrived in town *happy dance* so I was super happy that the last day went by pretty fast.

Would I recommend this detox? Absolutely! Simone has been nothing short but fantastic in her support. She always answer all my questions and no questions are too silly! It is a learning process and one that I am eager to continue.




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