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When Women Speak Up

Why do we label women who speak up as an emotional bitch? That she needs to take a chill pill or maybe she’s on her period and on a PMS rampage? Why do we don’t allow these voices to be heard?

When Women Speak Up

When Women Speak Up

My heart breaks every time I heard the untold stories being shared among our support group, the Single Moms Indonesia. Of the shame-ridden shadows behind their eyes. Seeing them taking their walls down as stories of pain, abuse and betrayals came tumbling down.

It’s ok to cry…

Collectively we acknowledge their need to let it all out.

To heaved those burdens that they’ve been carrying for what seems like forever, alone…

Right then and there.

In that room with nearly 20 women.

We let our voices be heard.

We allowed our stories to unfold.

We assured each other that our stories matters.

The women banded together and give out not only advice but also encouraging words of wisdom. Something that the struggling new members desperately need.

Stories that was too taboo, too embarrassing to share with others for fears of being judged and being labeled as utter shame.

This is why it is important to have a regular meet up for our support group and last month we just rolled out our first monthly gathering event.

Overcoming abuse

Domestic Abuse

Did you hit your wife too?

The above line clearly shows how domestic violence could really wreck havoc in the victim’s mental health. They began to justifying that the pain they endure, the tortured are ‘normal’. One of our members shared how she questioned her own brother to see if he too – like her soon-to-be-abusive-ex-husband – hit his wife. Everyone quickly said no no and assured her that is not normal! No one should be hitting anyone! Violence is never the answer.

In our group, we shared signs of both physical and emotional abuse and most survivors didn’t even realize there’s a name to those ‘weird’ behaviors. We discussed what gaslighting looks like. A collective “Yes” raised among those who experienced domestic violence before. A joint understanding of “I’ve been there before.” rose to the surface and they comforted each other.

Here in Indonesia most domestic violence goes unreported, hidden behind ‘never air your families’ dirty laundry’ as you will cause shame to the clan. Some women felt too ashamed to come forward, some fears for the livelihood of their family if the husband gets arrested especially if the women have no other means to support themselves. Whatever the reasons are, we need to listen to these voices. They are victims of abuse. Educating them that their lives matter, their voices heard, that we can do something to protect and help these women and their children whose lives has been scarred by the abuse.

The picture of domestic abuse and the horror that haunts the victims are real issues and us at the Single Moms Indonesia try our best to lend a supporting, safe and judgment-free zone for our members. Where those who survived and now thriving could inspire those who are newly separated or newly found their strength to speak up against their abuser.

When women speak up, it’s not because we hate men or we are a bunch of feminist bitches! It’s because we want to have a better future for our daughters, for our children, and for all women.

Will you listen when a woman speak up?

Will you take a stand?


Shopping Made Easy with Honestbee

[warning]I was invited to attend honestbee launching event, all opinions are my own. Please refer to my PR Page for more details.[/warning]

Shopping Made Easy with honestbee

Shopping Made Easy Honestbee

As a single mom, I am always on the lookout for ways to simply my life. I relied heavily on apps to achieve this so I was delighted to learn more about the newly launched app brought to you by honestbee.

What is honestbee?

honestbee launch

Since 2015, honestbee has been making shopping easier for people in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and now, Indonesia. Using the concept of trusted online delivery service for lifestyle needs, honestbee is using concierge type services.

Through honestbee app, you could order groceries, wines, organic products from Javara Indonesia and their partner list will grow even more.

What makes honestbee different?

  1. Personal shopper. Honestbee has trained their personal shopper to do the shopping for you. Being your assistant and pick the best produce? Checked! Contacting you when the items you ordered is unavailable then offer an alternative? Checked!
  2. Shop at different stores and enjoy same delivery service. Wants to pick up some wine along with your groceries? They got you covered with their partnered wine shops (Sababay Winery, Hatten Wines, Magnum Wines).
  3. Same prices and promotions from their partnered grocery stores (Transmart Carrefour). This means there will be no prices differences between what you ordered from the app and what is in store.
  4. 1-hour delivery service? Living in Jakarta where traffic can be a nightmare, having a speedy delivery service is a huge plus in my book.
  5. Scheduled delivery. Need to run other errands while honestbee did your shopping? Worry that no one will be home to accept the delivery? Worry no more! You could actually schedule your delivery time up to a week from the date you place the order. This is a huge plus for me personally.

Where Can You Try honestbee?

In Indonesia, they are available in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok area. This will expand so keep an eye for their update.

During the Launch Event, I had the opportunity to try the app on the spot. The ordering process was easy and quick. I just picked what I was going to order and submit the order. My order was quickly confirmed and I even received a text message from the personal shopper informing me that she had completed the shopping and the order will be delivered to the venue soon.

Would I recommend this app? Absolutely! Yes, there’s some minor glitch on their apps but that is normal for new apps, no? They are working daily to improve the apps and one thing for sure, their customer service agents are quick and very helpful. I had some problem with the apps after the event and their staff patiently guided me through.

Want to try honestbee?

You can download their app from iTunes or Google Play

Congratulations, honestbee! Wishing you guys lots of success in Indonesia and may you expand further to allow more Indonesians to enjoy this excellent services you are offering.

Congrats, honestbee!


Betadine – Antiseptic Soap

[disclaim]This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. Please refer to my PR Page for more information. [/disclaim]

When you hear the brand name Betadine, what do you remember?

For me, it is a rather small yellow bottle with dark brownish liquid typically used as part of first aid kit.

Betadine Antiseptic Soap

I was not aware of the new line from Betadine that is called Betadine Antiseptic Soap. It looks like this:

Betadine Antiseptic Soap - Scoops of Joy

We learned more about Betadine Antiseptic Soap at an event held by Mommies Daily and Betadine last Sunday, 5 February 2017. The event allowed us to get a closer look at the product and ask Dr. Mery Sulastri the Product Educator and Consultant from Mundhipharma (the local company who produced Betadine) also Ms. Vina Oktavia the Brand Manager of Betadine Antiseptic Soap along with Fifi Alvianto a well known successful blogger and entrepreneur in Jakarta.

Group Discussion

The discussion started with the topic that is a true horror for most moms out there. The Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD).

My boy has caught HFMD 4 times before. Yes, you read that right, 4 times and all those times he was miserable. He caught them from school and at some point, the virus has spread in his class that the school had to disinfect the whole school.

What I love from the group discussion was how Dr. Merry emphasizes that no, we do not need to wrap our kiddos with a bubble wrap to keep the virus at bay! We just need to ensure that our children get proper nutrients to help their body develop a strong immune system and to use antiseptic soap should we suspect that our kids have been exposed to high-risk areas (hello ball pits!).

What makes Betadine Antiseptic Different?

The secret is in Povidone – Iodine 7.5%! What is exactly Povidone – Iodine? In short, this is an antiseptic

What does it do:

  • Povidone-Iodine is effective to eliminate viruses
  • It could kill 99.99% HFMD virus.
  • Povidone-Iodine controlled topical infection from spreading
  • Does not cause resistance
  • Fast acting. It could kill virus/bacteria in 15-30 seconds

How to use Betadine Antiseptic Soap

  1. Pour a palmful of Betadine Antiseptic Soap onto your palm
  2. Apply Betadine Antiseptic Soap to your hand or entire body, then lather with regular bath soap
  3. Wash off with running water

Do you use them daily? No, they are not meant to be used daily only if you suspects yourself or your children has been exposed to virus or bacteria.

If you live in Indonesia, you could find Betadine Antiseptic Soap in all major retailers.

Fun Day With Betadine

While we mothers were involved in an in-depth group discussion, Mommies Daily team along with Rockstar Gym staff has prepared fun activities for the kids. It’s a rare thing for me to take my son along on a blogging event.

My boy’s favorite activity? The ninja warrior challenge after our discussion group was finished the swimming pool! He was having a total blast that he pout when it was time for us to leave. Thank you, Betadine, Mommies Daily and Rockstar Gym for creating such an insightful and fun event.

Fun Activity for the Kids

Group Photo

How do you protect your children and family from a virus?


About Moving

This post is long overdue.

If you’ve followed me on Instagram you’d probably seen some posts that indicated I had moved.

About Moving - Scoops of Joy

Yes, my son and I moved into our own place last December 2016. It is our first place since my divorce.  When I left my ex-husband, I moved straight into my parents’ home and that was well over 6 years ago. So when my fiance and I decided to get our own place, I was quite overwhelmed.

I was scared.

Scared because I was leaving my ‘safety backup’ aka my family. Without their support throughout these years, life would’ve been so different. Moving back in with my family hasn’t been easy too because for years even before I got married I was already living on my own. I left home when I went to high school in Jakarta while my family still lived in Kalimantan (Borneo).

Just come home…” to this day I still vividly remember the comforting sound of my father’s voice calling me all the way from Zambia as I cried over the end of my marriage.

So I came home…with my son.

My parents helped me so much, they help care for my son while I worked long hours. They gave us a home.

That’s why I was washed with all kinds of emotions as I prepared the move. Between the excitement of finally being back on my two feet, having a place I could call home, to the bittersweet of leaving my parents’ home.

As I started packing, I was swept away by a different kind of emotional waves. You know how somehow when you are moving you found things that you didn’t even realize you still have? It’s like traces of your memories came out of the closet – literally!

And that’s what happened. Pieces of evidence of my previous life came out scattered on the floor. From old Christmas cards friends sent to our old home in Dothan, Alabama to the newborn bracelets they put on our wrists after my son was born. Old documents for my previous green card, tickets stubs to the ultrasounds photos.

Hospital Newborn Bracelets

In an odd way, it feels like my old life came out in the open to be purged…to be cleansed to allow me to walk into the new life awaiting for us three. I decided to discarded plenty of those items that no longer serves me. We are moving to a small apartment so that alone put a limit of what we could bring with us.

This move is a big adjustment not only for me but also for my now 10 years old son. To him, home is his grandparents’ house where he’s been the golden grandson. So it is a big deal for him too and I had to lay down how different life will be for us.

With him starting a new school there’s a lot to take in. New home, new school, the new rhythm of our lives and we are still adapting, still adjusting. So far I am loving this little place I could call home.

Managing my own place again after all these years felt scary at first but this is growth, this is life and I am finding joy in being independent again.

How bout you? How many times have you moved house in your lifetime?


Scoops of Joy – 2016 Popular Posts

2016 has been quite an amazing journey both for Scoops of Joy and for me personally.

Looking back, I found that some of my most popular posts are actually posts written some years back. Quite interesting and it made me realize I have some evergreen posts here. But let’s focus for 2016 and without further ado…

Scoops of Joy 2016 Popular Posts:

Scoops of Joy – 2016 Popular Posts


  1. Surat Terbuka Untuk Istri Mantan Suamiku  Yikes! With nearly a 1,000 views this post views keep on rising each day. Honestly, I didn’t expect this to be the most viewed post of 2016. This is an open letter post to my ex-husband’s new wife. Written in my native language, Indonesian. I wrote this post in two languages and both ranked up to be my most viewed posts last year.
  2. 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Queensland One of my favorite posts of 2016 because it got me to actually visit Queensland back in March 2016. Perfect birthday present!
  3. An Open Letter to My Ex Husband’s Wife This is the English version of the number one most visited and commented post. Writing the post was not easy but it turned out to be very therapeutic for me. 
  4. 5 Best Places to Visit in Cirebon Another travel related post. I love this post also the fun my friends and I had during the short weekend getaway to Cirebon, West Java. 
  5. Hot Air Balloon in Gold Coast A truly unforgettable moment of 2016 was the hot air balloon ride. Have you read it? 

Meanwhile, my very personal favorite posts that maybe you’d be interested to read are these:

There were plenty of ‘firsts’ for me in 2016, plenty of adventures and fun journeys also personal growth. Let’s hope 2017 will be even better.

I wish you my friends, a fabulous 2017. Did I thank you enough for reading, subscribing and sharing my posts? Thank you! You guys rocks and I am grateful for you.


Bio-Oil Year End Event

2016  has truly been amazing for my blogging journey.

From exploring the beautiful Gold Coast last March, a trip to Shanghai and much more collaboration with great brands. Safe to say 2016 has been the most productive year for Scoops of Joy.

Closing the year with a whole day pampering experience from Bio-Oil was like an icing on the cake.

Remember my Bio-Oil review post? I was selected as one of the 10 nominees for their blogging competition. All nominees were invited to Bio-Oil year-end event earlier this month and we were pampered all day.

Runner up!

The day started with hand massages using Bio-Oil followed by nail art. This part was a little embarrassing for me since I just moved to our own place and moving wreaked havoc on my nails. I apologized profusely to the lady who did my short nails. Not much to decorate when your nails were just cut short a few days prior to the event. Hah!

We met Ibu Tini the Product Manager of Bio-Oil Indonesia and had an insightful Q&A session about the product.

Held at the Morrissey Hotel Jakarta, we had lunch there and I got to catches up with a fellow blogger I haven’t met in a while, Mbak Mira from Rachanlie. It is always lovely to see familiar faces.

Bio-Oil Year End Event 2016

After lunch, it was time for the makeover session. Bio-Oil has arranged for make-up artists to get us all looking pretty for the photo shoot. I am absolutely in love with how my make-up turned out.

Photo shoot. The photo shoot was a big deal for me since I have never been the one who easily poses in front of a camera. I would rather be the one taking the photos, to be honest. So I was very nervous about this part since the first time I read the rundown on the invitation email. At the end, I told myself “Girl, you better get it done! You could use some new photos and this one will be professionally done.” Stepping outside of the comfort zone truly is something I’ve been motivating myself to do lately. Luckily, the designer – who lends us the outfits for the photo shoot – was there to direct me. Posing is not easy, yo! A big salute to all of you gorgeous fashion bloggers who pose beautifully on all their photos.

And viola…here are the photos and in case you haven’t notice, I am using one of them as my new profile photo here and on all my social media accounts.

Bio-Oil Year End Gathering 2016

Maureen - Scoops of Joy


To close the already amazing day, we had dinner and fun games along with an Indonesian celebrity, Revalina S. Temat. Bio-Oil announced the 3 winners of the blogging competition and everyone had a total blast.

Revalina S. Temat - Bio-Oil Year End Gathering 2016

Thank you Bio-Oil and Female Daily Network for this fun event!

Thank you Bio-Oil!



Tips Mempersiapkan Blog Untuk 2017

2017 sudah di depan mata.

Punya resolusi untuk blogging lebih serius, lebih profesional dan lebih sukses di tahun 2017?

If you are ready to take your blogging to the next level, then here are some tips for you. Di bawah ini ada 5 PR gampang untuk mempersiapkan blog kita memasuki tahun 2017.

Tips Mempersiapkan Blog Untuk 2017

Get your blog ready for 2017


Coba cek deh apa laman “About” atau “About Me” di blog kita sudah update atau belum? Kalau fotonya masih foto jadul yang resolusinya jelek, sudah waktunya diganti tuh! Pengujung blog kita hanya punya waktu beberapa menit untuk membaca laman ini jadi coba tulis About page yang menarik dan unik. Nggak perlu juga riwayat hidup dimuat semua. Jangan lupa tambahkan “Call to Action” di laman ini. Call to Action-nya dapat berbentuk ajakan untuk nge-like Facebook Page blog kita atau untuk sign-up newsletter. Want to do something different? Tambahkan page “Work With Me” bisa jadi pilihan.


Coba check deh apa sidebar blog kita sudah penuh sesak dengan kebanyakan banner atau hal-hal nggak penting dan nggak relevan lagi? Kalau iya, sudah waktunya kita menghapus banner/links yang lama dan nggak penting. Sidebar dan footer yang rapih selain bikin pengunjung blog nggak sakit mata juga lebih enak dilihat dan mempercepat loading time.


Sebaiknya semua akun media sosial kita yang berhubungan dengan blog itu seragam. Seragam? Iya, artinya mau Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, dll semuanya menggunakan username yang sama. Untuk apa? Branding, my dear! Jadi visitor di blog bisa langsung ngeh oh, ini Instagram-nya si Mbak itu, kan namanya sama. Sebaiknya profile picture yang digunakan juga sama sehingga visitors juga lebih mudah mengenali. Jangan lupa update juga bio yang ada di masing-masing sosmed.


Ini juga penting kadang-kadang postingan lama kita mengandung links yang sudah wafat tapi karena postingannya sudah lama kita nggak sadar. Untuk yang blognya di wordpress dan self host bisa menggunakan plugin Broken Link Checker. Jangan lupa untuk memastikan semua links yang ada di postingan kita masih aktif apalagi kalau postingan tersebut banyak pengunjungnya, nggak mau kan visitor bete karena linknya ternyata modar?


PR terakhir ini yang paling susah, tapi saya yakin kalau kita bisa mempersiapkan ide-ide atau topik blog post paling tidak untuk tiga bulan pertama (Q1) 2017, maka di bulan Januari nanti akan lebih mudah untuk mengembangkan ide-ide itu jadi blog post. Coba check statistik blog – Google Analytics is best! – untuk melihat blog post paling populer di tahun 2016 apa saja. Dari situ kita bisa melihat tulisan mana yang paling disukai visitors. Berbekal informasi ini kita bisa lebih mudah memetakan jenis-jenis blog post apa yang bisa kita tulis di tahun baru nanti.

Sepertinya banyak juga ya PR kita untuk mempersiapkan blog memasuki tahun 2017? Tenang, tarik napas, dan kerjakan yang dirasa lebih mudah dulu.

[Tweet “Tips blogging lebih ok di tahun 2017”]

Semoga blognya semakin sukses di tahun 2017 ya, guys! Ada tips tambahan yang mau di share nggak? Saya tunggu komennya ya.

Happy New Year from me!