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Villa Air Bali Review

When I think of Bali the first feelings that came to mind is heaven and we did discover a slice of heaven during our visit. Read our complete Villa Air Bali Review below.


Villa Air Bali Review


Just off of the street of the lively and famous Seminyak area in Bali, Villa Air is perfectly situated. Close enough to the lively hotspots of Bali and quiet enough to completely feel like you are in a hidden paradise within a paradise. Only a few short distance drive away from the Oberoi street where you could splurge at cute boutiques, window shopping or simply to enjoy delicious gelato to cool you off.

Check-in Process:

Checking in process at Villa Air Bali

We arrived a little early than the standard check-in time of 2 PM, as soon as our car pulled into the driveway of the villa I was taken with how beautiful everything is. A fountain in the middle of the driveway added a touch of elegance upon first impressions.

Fountain at Villa Air Bali driveway

An open Reception area across from two ponds awaits us with genuine Balinese warm welcome by the Front Desk staffs. After the standard check-in procedure process, they escorted us to the Restaurant aptly named The Mata Air. Translated to Indonesian, Mata air means water springs. They served us the best welcome drink we have ever tasted! My fiancé was so impressed by the drink that he asked the waiter what they’re made of.

Welcome drink at Villa Air Bali

We decided to have lunch at the restaurant while we waited for our villa. Lunch was delicious! More about this in the food section.

The Villa

Garden Pool Villa at Villa Air Bali

We stayed at their Garden Pool Villa. It is a 2 bedroom villa equipped with a fully functioning kitchen, two spacious bathrooms in both rooms, a private pool, a dining area and a living area facing the beautiful private pool. It is the perfect setting to enjoy with your family. Unfortunately, my son couldn’t join us for this trip so that spare room was not used but I know for sure that if he were to be there, he would probably never want to leave!

Master bedroom at Villa Air Bali

I am in love with their huge tub and their amenities. Knowing that they self-produced all their amenities added a rich personal touch to the whole experience.

Tub at the master bedroom - Villa Air Bali

The second room has two single beds and each room have their own flat screen TV also huge closets.

Second Bedroom - Villa Air Bali

The pool is huge and perfect to lounge around soaking up the sun. You could do some laps in the pool too if keeping fit is your thing during a vacation.

Private pool at Villa Air Bali

The dining area and adjoining living room are designed to be an open-air space but worry not, they provide you with mosquito repellents that are all natural – a big plus in our book! – and they smell lovely.

The kitchen is equipped with a medium sized refrigerator stocked with soft drinks, local beers and they renew the stocks daily. We also love that they have a water dispenser in the dining area so you can make sure you are properly hydrated throughout the day. The kitchen also has a stove and enough cutleries and cooking utensil if you wish to cook your own meal during your stay.

Kitchen at Villa Air Bali

The Food

We ate exclusively within Villa Air during our two days stay simply because we are too comfortable to leave the place.

Our burger at their Mata Air Restaurant was perfection! See it for yourself in this picture.

Lunch at Mata Air Restaurant - Villa Air Bali

My fiancé ordered their Romantic Dinner for our first evening there. One of their bestsellers, the Romantic Dinner package is more than your average dinner. it’s a whole experience of romance served with delicious meals made to perfection! Villa Air staff went above and beyond to create a once in a lifetime experience by decorating the villa with real candles. The table setting was decorated with roses and more candles. The butler served us the meals and left to give us privacy after each course was served. There are 5 courses and all of them are amazingly rich in taste and served perfectly. This has to be the most romantic dinner I have ever had.

Romantic Dinner at Villa Air Bali

For our second evening, my fiancé chooses the BBQ dinner. This was also served with a high standard that sets up the bar high for our next travels. We had the chef personally came to our villa and cooked us the barbecue while having chit chats. Everything was perfect and most importantly delicious. My photos would fail to do them justice, the best way to prove this is for you to simply book your stay with Villa Air Bali. From seafood to steak…we were truly spoiled with the vast amount of choices for the BBQ menu. We still even had leftovers that we decided to keep in the fridge because there was plenty of food.

Private chef for BBQ Dinner at Villa Air Bali

Our favorite part is the diverse Breakfast Menu that we get to choose from every day. They have Indonesian, Japanese, Healthy and Mexican Burrito. For the kids, they have specialized breakfast menu called Kucing, Kura-kura and Kuda. Just make your pick and they will deliver your breakfast at the times you requested. Very convenient!

We also get to choose our afternoon tea menu and they served it well in the villa daily. I absolutely love their cute presentation on the small shelf filled with delicious cookies and snacks both traditional Indonesian delicacies to macaroons. As a coffee lover, their Balinese coffee is another winning point for me.

Afternoon Tea at Villa Air Bali


Walking around the Villa Air feels like you are far away from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak busy area. It is a really peaceful and we absolutely love how you could hear water everywhere you go. This alone feels like their surroundings are merging seamlessly with their name Villa Air. Air in Indonesia means water.

Beautiful Landscape at Villa Air Bali

All their landscapes are beautifully managed. Tall trees, greeneries everywhere. Staying true to their idea of a serene hideaway that offers a retreat place for people to rejuvenate and relax. The water element truly adds a magical touch.

If you wish to explore Seminyak area, Villa Air could also arrange a drop off services to the heart of Seminyak and arrange pick-up too. Just make sure you book it first.

The Staff

Everyone at Villa Air truly serves from their hearts and it is thoroughly shown by how genuinely warm and welcome everyone towards us and the other guests. From the waitress and waiter, the butlers, the chefs, the spa therapists to the Housekeeping crew, everyone is very friendly and made us feel truly welcome.

Emily who answered our questions and made sure we have a lovely time during our stay is surely one of the best employees Villa Air has. Thank you, Emily and everyone at Villa Air for your warm welcome.

Highlights of our Villa Air Bali Review

Our favorite part of Villa Air Bali:

  • The private swimming pool
  • The amazing spa – a separate review post on this will be posted soon so stay tuned!
  • The serene hideaway
  • Tranquil environment perfect for romantic getaway
  • The food
  • The friendly sweet staffs

We honestly couldn’t stop singing praises about Villa Air Bali, not only they made our stay there very memorable and unforgettable, they truly have high-quality services on top of everything else. Both of us has been staying in plenty of hotels and villas in our travels together and Villa Air definitely stood out the most.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Bali, please consider choosing Villa Air as your destination, you will not regret it.

We can’t wait to return one day! Thank you again, Villa Air Bali!

Jl. Lebak Sari, Br. Taman, Petitenget, Kuta, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali. Indonesia
Phone: +62-361-737378


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Blogging Burn Out?

The other day I shared a taxi with another fellow blogger friend.

She asked me how often I update my blog. Is it several times a week?

Gosh, I haven’t blog in ages.

Blogging Burn Out

Why did you ask?

Well, life…

That’s the short answer.

And the infamous blogger’s burnout feeling…

That piece of conversation stuck me the whole night as I examined what really was the cause of me not writing much?

Then it hit me…

No, it’s not a blogger’s burnout!

It is my internal battles of self-censorship that actually stopped me from pouring my heart and soul into my writings.

Truth is I have so much to write about, so many thoughts bubbling wanting to be released through words. So much to share.

Yet, I stopped myself cold because I was having a lot of self-doubts; I was struggling with where I really want to take my blogging platform to. I haven’t traveled much this year so how am I supposed to claim that travel blogger niche? I have been so caught up with work – yet again – and it drained me mentally.

Deep down…I wanted to share my recent soul journey inwards.

I wanted to write about how meditation changed my life.

I wanted to write about how my soul is yearning to learn more, to understand deeper.

I have been focusing on building and launching my business.

I have been working on healing every last ounce of mental blockages from my divorce.

I have been working hard for Single Moms Indonesia.

With plenty to juggle, the quickest one to drop? This space…right here. My blog.

But I am back, people!

Me of all people understands too well how writing is very much therapeutic. It helps my healing process. It helps me recognize every piece of the puzzle of my life. My journal has bear witness to all these tangled thoughts of mine for years. So if this blog could inspire one person going through the same thing then I will be happy.

So I decided it is time to end this blogging hiatus of mine.

Oh, and I still need to upgrade the whole look of my blog soon – very soon! So stay tuned!

Hope you are well, friends.

It feels hella good to be back!

[question]How about you? Have you ever experienced blogging burn out? How did you handle it?[/question]


Lifestyle and travel blogger, founder of Single Moms Indonesia on a quest of finding joy in everyday life and living life to the fullest with kindness, compassion, grace and a bit of sass.

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Launching Downy Parfum Collection

Launching Downy Parfum Collection

Sebagai Ibu-ibu (walaupun mungkin sudah tidak bisa lagi dikategorikan Ibu-ibu Zaman Now) urusan tampil wangi tetap jadi kewajiban dong. Karena wangi adalah kuntji!

Hari Selasa, 7 November 2017 kemarin saya berkesempatan hadir di Launching Event Downy Parfume Collection barengan teman-teman bloggers lainnya.

Ballroom hotel The Westin disulap jadi cantik banget bernuansa temaram tapi elegan. Setelah saya lihat produk utama yang di launching adalah variant wangi Mystique saya langsung merasa salut banget sama tim panitia karena memang nuansa yang di dapat adalah mysterious bercampur level of high class elegance.

Koleksi baru Downy Parfum Collection dipajang cantik dan kami diberi kesempatan to smell the lovely scents. Downy Indonesia menghadirkan 6 wangi mewah yang semuanya smells amazing! Rangkaian baru tersebut adalah: Mystique, Sweet Heart, Passion, Daring, Fusion, and Romance. Semuanya wangi yang beda lah kalau dibandingkan pewangi pakaian lainnya. Jujur baru kali ini saya nemu wangi yang enak banget benar-benar seperti parfum!

Meet Downy Indonesia New Brand Ambassador

Setelah acara makan siang bersama, MC membuka acara dengan memperkenalkan Brand Ambassador baru dari Downy Indonesia.

Meet Andien Aisyah! Dipilih karena selain pesonanya sebagai salah satu Diva di Indonesia, juga karena Andien adalah wanita aktif dengan kesibukan segudang juga Ibu muda.

Serunya kami diajak menyaksikan tantangan Downy yang judulnya dari “Sabang sampai Merauke”. Gaun yang dipake Andien ternyata sudah diajak ‘jalan-jalan’ dari Sabang sampai kota paling timur Indonesia di Merauke sebelum dikirim ke Jakarta untuk digunakan Andien di acara launching ini. Kebayang dong gaun cantik ini sudah kena panas, lembab, angin dan lain-lainnya diperjalanan, tapi ternyata setelah diuji sendiri oleh Andien, wanginya masih tetap bertahan!

Nah, kebayang dong kalau gaun Andien aja bisa tetep wangi gimana cucian saya di rumah ya? Langsung kebayang deh sebagai Ibu satu anak menjelang remaja yang pastinya nggak bisa diam, wangi Downy ini pasti bakalan awet juga untuk saya coba di rumah. Saya langsung kebayang pengen beli beberapa rangkaian koleksi Downy Parfum ini. Favorit saya adalah variant Daring karena aroma vanilla juga coconutnya saya suka banget. Hampir mirip sama wangi body spray favorit saya.

Teman-teman bloggers yang semeja sama saya juga setuju wangi Downy Parfum Collection ini enak banget. Rasanya pengen kita botolin dan jadikan parfum sekalian hahaha. Kami juga dikasih kesempatan untuk ngebuktiin langsung dengan kain yang sudah dicuci dengan Downy dan kain yang disemprotkan parfum biasa. Emang beda banget sih hasilnya.

What Makes Downy Perfume Collection so Special?

Louie Morante, Regional Brand Communications P&G, Fabric & Home Care Asia Tenggara memberikan speech mengenai formula terbaru Downy yang tercipta dari minyak parfum premium dan kini produk mereka sudah tersedia di toko-toko retail dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau.

Nah, apaan sih rahasianya kok bisa sampai wanginya awet dan tahan lama padahal kita tau kan yah cuaca di Indonesia itu tingkat kelembapannya tinggi belum lagi activity level kita cukup padat juga sehari-harinya?

Ternyata rahasianya ada di teknologi Dual-Perfume Capsule yang terkandung di dalam formula Downy. Dengan kapsul ‘ajaib’ ini the scents will be released through frictions of the fabrics. Jadi walaupun kita aktif bergerak pakaian akan tetap wangi. Malah lebih wangi dari parfum mewah. Wah, keren ya?

Sebagai Ibu bijak  (ehem), saya langsung mikir nah kalau sudah wangi seperti parfum mungkin saya tidak perlu lagi semprot-semprot parfum atau body spray karena pakaian sudah wangi dengan Downy. Seperti kata pepatah “Kill two bird with one stone” ya kan? Jadi nggak perlu pake parfum – lebih hemat pakai Downy. Again, ini omongan Ibu bijak nan hemat ya.

Downy Indonesia sudah meluncurkan 6 varian yang bisa dipilih dengan harga sangat terjangkau.

 Photos taken by the talented Mbak Katerina S

Mystique adalah interpretasi lembut dari keindahan tradisional oriental. Kental dengan wangi amber bercampur sempurna dengan tambahan bunga dan buah segar.

Sweetheart menghadirkan wangi yang berasal dari sebuah buket bunga pastel pink yang mencerminkan kesegaran serta keindahan taman yang romantis.

Passion adalah karakter bunga yang kompleks dengan campuran buah-buahan berwarna merah dan macam-macam buah berry yang menambahkan aroma yang segar.

Daring menghadirkan aroma premium dengan sentuhan creamy yang dibuat dengan menggunakan aroma hangat dari buket bunga indah, gardenia, mimosa, dan rosy honey accord.

Fusion adalah komposisi menakjubkan yang terinspirasi dari apel toffee yang dibuat untuk menyajikan perpaduan antara kesegaran apel dan wangi manisnya karamel dan vanila.

Romance akan memberikan Anda perpaduan wangi segar jeruk dan aroma buket bunga yang mewah dengan sentuhan aroma kayu dari cedarwood dan amber.

Nah untuk kalian para Ibu-ibu gimana? Sudah nyobain Downy Parfum Collection belum? Cerita dong varian apa favorit kalian?


Lifestyle and travel blogger, founder of Single Moms Indonesia on a quest of finding joy in everyday life and living life to the fullest with kindness, compassion, grace and a bit of sass.

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Perihal Hak Asuh Anak

Tulisan ini terinspirasi salah satu komentar di postingan saya yang agak kontroversial berjudul “Surat Terbuka Untuk Istri Mantan Suamiku” yang tayang lebih dari setahun lalu.

Perihal Hak Asuh Anak

Perihal Hak Asuh Anak |

Pertanyaan ini cukup mengelitik saya untuk menulis, jadi Vira, terima kasih untuk inspirasinya yah.

Halo mba..
Boleh saya tanya, kenapa anaknya yg super ganteng itu hak asuhnya ga jatuh ke mbak?
Ga bermaksud kurang ajar tp saya bner2 pgn tau. Mba kliatannya cukup mapan utk mengasuh sendiri. Feel free klo dirasa pertanyaan saya terlalu private.
Salam kenal,

Dear Vira,

Saya jawab pertanyaan kamu dalam bentuk blog post saja yah. Kenapa? Karena sesungguhnya topik ini emang menarik untuk didiskusikan.

Selama terbentuk hampir 3 tahun, di SMI (Single Moms Indonesia) salah satu hot topic yang sering sekali menjadi pertanyaan, perbincangan hingga memancing emosi adalah perihal hak asuh anak. Banyak member yang bertanya bagaimana caranya bisa mendapatkan hak asuh anak secara penuh.


Ladies, please baca opini saya ini dengan kepala dingin yah. Anggap saja tulisan saya ini sekedar untuk mengajak kita melihat permasalahan hak asuh anak ini dari sisi yang berbeda. A different perspective can actually open our mind.

Okay, menjawab pertanyaan Vira di atas. Kenapa hak asuh anak saya yang ganteng ini tidak jatuh ke tangan saya? Ya karena saya dari awal tidak meributkan hak asuh. Simple as that. Pada saat Pak Mantan dan saya memutuskan untuk bercerai kami sepakat untuk memilih “Shared Custody” dengan saya sebagai Primary Care yang artinya ya si anak mayoritas tinggal dengan saya.

Mari kita kupas dulu yah sebenarnya untuk hak asuh ini ada beberapa jenis tapi saya bahas dari sisi yang saya pahami saja yaitu merujuk ke hukum di Amerika tempat saya menikah dulu. Saya bukan expert dan 2 jenis di bawah ini masih punya pecahan lain yang lebih kompleks juga tergantung hukum negara bagian mana yang digunakan.

Untuk keperluan menyederhanakan topik, kita bahas dua jenis mayoritas hak asuh anak yang berlaku di sana yaitu:

  1. Sole Custody (Hak Asuh Tunggal) di mana salah satu orang tua mendapatkan ‘ketuk palu’ dari pengadilan untuk memiliki hak asuh tunggal. Biasanya pengadilan tidak segan-segan memberikan putusan ini kepada orang tua kalau orang tua yang satu lagi terbukti ‘unfit‘ (tidak layak) contohnya karena ketergantungan alkohol atau narkoba atau tuntutan melalaikan anak atau menganiaya.
  2. Joint Custody/Shared Custody ini adalah keputusan untuk bersama-sama memiliki hak legal secara penuh untuk kepentingan anak. Kedua orang tua berbagi keputusan, kewajiban dan/atau kendali perihal anak mereka.

Balik lagi ke keputusan saya dengan Pak Mantan 7 tahun lalu, kenapa saya tidak memaksakan diri untuk meminta hak asuh total? Jawab saya simple sebenarnya “Buat apa?” Waktu kami pisah, anak saya masih kecil dan dia sangat dekat dengan ayahnya. Sehancur-hancurnya hati saya waktu melalui proses perceraian itu, saya tidak mau merampas hak ayah anak saya.

Apa dengan mati-matian memperjuangkan hak asuh (dengan catatan tidak ada keterlibatan narkoba juga KDRT yah kalau itu sudah mengancam nyawa dan keselamatan maka hak asuh tunggal memang jalan terbaik!) saya bisa mengubah kenyataan bahwa perkawinan saya sudah berakhir? Apakah akan ada kepuasan batin tersendiri kalau seandainya saya menang?

Yang ada saya membayangkan betapa banyak energi yang bakal terkuras di dalam persidangan (belum lagi biayanya!). Toh Pak Mantan tidak pernah main tangan sama saya, dia juga bukan pecandu narkoba. Saya mau dia tetap ada dan terlibat di dalam kehidupan anak kami. Dan itu yang kami sepakati bersama. Bersamaan dengan menjalankan co-parenting.

Kasus kami memang berbeda dengan kebanyakan kasus yang saya lihat di SMI. Saya dan Pak Mantan mempunyai arrangements sendiri soal anak yang walaupun tidak selalu berjalan mulus adalah yang terbaik untuk kami bertiga. Dulu saat Pak Mantan masih tinggal di Jakarta, setiap akhir pekan anak saya kebanyakan menghabiskannya dengan menginap di rumah ayahnya. Waktu anak lagi nginep saya jadi punya waktu untuk me-time. Win-win solutions buat kami.

Sedih lho saya kalau melihat bagaimana anak-anak justru cenderung jadi korban ditengah pertempuran orang tua yang sama-sama berebut hak asuh. Segala cara ditempuh buat membuktikan how ugly the other parent is. Pernahkah kita berhenti dan memikirkan bagaimana perasaan mereka kalau melihat atau tahu orang tua yang mereka sayangi (equally loved too!) berantem memperebutkan mereka? Mereka bukan property untuk diperebutkan apalagi digunakan sebagai senjata!

Quote Perihal Hak Asuh Anak |

Ladies, saya ngerti bangeeeet yang namanya orang proses cerai itu emosi seperti diaduk-aduk. Semacam naik rollercoaster tapi kita nggak tahu kapan rollercoaster itu bakalan berhenti. Ya kan? Perasaan patah hati berat, depresi sampai amarah dendam kesumat jadi satu semuanya. Wajar!

Banyak sekali hal yang perlu dipertimbangkan sebelum mengejar hak asuh tunggal. Mungkin kita perlu meditasi, perlu banyak-banyak berdoa meminta petunjuk Tuhan sambil menilai secara fair apakah ayah anak-anak kita itu adalah orang tua yang baik atau tidak? Is he really an unfit father? Keputusan apa yang terbaik demi kesejahteraan anak-anak? Apa calon mantan suami KDRT? Pecandu narkoba? Atau si Bapak kabur begitu saja tanpa jejak? Apa dia ada niat baik untuk tetap hadir di dalam kehidupan anak setelah berpisah? Atau sebenarnya keinginan punya hak asuh tunggal ini karena kita pengen ‘menghukum’ si calon mantan yang macam-macam?

Jawabannya hanya ada di dalam diri kalian masing-masing yah. I cannot tell you what to do other than be kind to yourself throughout the whole process.

Semoga jawaban saya cukup memuaskan rasa penasaran Vira (juga teman-teman lainnya) yah.

Sayangnya persoalan hak asuh di Indonesia memang masih sangat butuh banyak pembenahan dan pengetatan dari badan hukum. Semoga suatu hari nanti Indonesia bisa seperti negara lainnya, di mana hak asuh anak dianggap sebagai hal yang crucial dan pengadilan bisa memiliki cara untuk meng-enforce putusan pengadilan soal tanggung jawab ayah terhadap anak-anaknya.

Kalau kalian gimana, ladies? Silahkan lho kalau mau komentar atau share sudut pandang yang berbeda.


Lifestyle and travel blogger, founder of Single Moms Indonesia on a quest of finding joy in everyday life and living life to the fullest with kindness, compassion, grace and a bit of sass.

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Review: Salonpas Gel-Patch

Tulisan ini adalah hasil kerjasama dengan Salonpas Gel-Patch namun seluruh opini adalah murni dari saya pribadi. This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. Please refer to my PR Page for more information.

Salonpas Gel-Patch Review

Anak saya pernah bertanya “Mommy, olahraga favoritnya apa?

Angkat beban di gym” jawab saya cepat tanpa banyak pikir yang disambung oleh protes kecil dari si bocah karena menurut dia angkat beban alias lifting weights di gym bukan olahraga hahaha. Saya jelaskan kalau olahraga kan banyak jenisnya dan walaupun tidak termasuk normal saya lebih suka ngangkat yang berat-berat ini di gym.

But I do love lifting heavy things at the gym!

Sejak pertama kali berkenalan dengan gym beberapa tahun yang lalu, sejak merasakan sendiri bagaimana pengaruh endorfin bikin saya semakin ketagihan berolahraga di gym. Sayangnya karena saya didiagnosa Herniated Discs yang lebih awam dikenal dengan istilah syaraf kejepit sejak tahun 2012, perjalanan fitness saya jadi penuh ups and downs.

Apa itu Endorfin?

Saat kita berolahraga, tubuh kita mengeluarkan bahan kimia yang disebut endorfin. Endorfin ini berinteraksi dengan reseptor di otak kita yang mengurangi persepsi akan rasa sakit.

Endorfin bisa juga dibilang hormon bahagia karena memang efeknya bikin kita merasa lebih bahagia, mood kita jadi lebih baik dan lebih berenergi.

Nah efek samping ini yang bikin orang-orang pencinta olahraga untuk semakin sering berolahraga. Justru, kalau sudah biasa olahraga lalu stop, energi level kita biasanya akan drop dan malah jadi cepet capek dan gampang sakit.

Topik diskusi minggu lalu di Facebook group Single Moms Indonesia ngebahas soal olahraga dan kenapa olahraga itu bisa menjadi ‘penolong’ dalam proses healing. Hormon bahagia ini juga ternyata ampuh lho untuk melawan perasaan depresi.

Seperti ketampar – saya jadi sadar belakangan ini sudah jarang olahraga dengan seribu satu alasan padahal saya tau banget pentingnya bergerak apalagi kerjaan saya tiap hari kebanyakan dalam posisi duduk.

Jadi minggu ini saya membulatkan tekad untuk kembali nge-gym!

Tips untuk Kembali Berolahraga Setelah Vakum

Untuk kita yang sudah lama tidak berolahraga ada beberapa tips untuk kembali menjalankan rutinitas hidup sehat ini seperti:

  1. Mulai Saja Dengan Yang Ringan

Kalau kita merasa berat banget untuk mulai olahraga lagi – believe me, I know the feeling! Rasanya lebih pengen tarik selimut dan tidur lagi daripada bela-belain bangun pagi dan olahraga. Tapi dengan memilih olahraga yang ringan dulu seperti jalan cepat atau jogging ringan yang penting tubuh bergerak. Setelah tubuh bisa beradaptasi baru deh bisa mencoba yang lebih berat sesuai dengan kemampuan pastinya.

  1. Cukup 5 Menit

Nggak perlu lho langsung olahraga sejam penuh apalagi untuk pemula atau yang baru mau kembali olahraga seperti saya. Komitmen 5 menit lebih masuk akal dan lebih achievable daripada olahraga sejam. Nantinya kalau badan sudah lebih terbiasa dengan olahraga lagi, waktunya bisa ditambah dan disesuaikan.

  1. Remember how good it makes you feel

Kadang-kadang membayangkan lari di treadmill atau olahraga di gym saja cukup bikin kita bete duluan. Hello, burpees?! Nah, untuk jadi motivasi coba bayangkan perasaan puasnya dan how good you will feel nantinya. Selain mungkin sedikit pegal linu rasanya nggak mungkin ya kita menyesali berolahraga.

  1. Jangan Lupa Cooling Down

Jangan lupa cooling down!

Cooling Down Penting

Semua orang sudah tau pentingnya Warming Up sebelum mulai olahraga. Tapi tau nggak kalau Cooling Down alias pendinginan ini juga penting banget dilakukan? Kenapa penting? Karena cooling down setelah olahraga itu berarti kita menormalkan kembali detak jantung yang tadinya meningkat. Selama berolahraga, jantung kita berdetak lebih kencang dari biasanya dan pembuluh darah membesar.  Berhenti olahraga secara mendadak tanpa pendinginan ini beresiko bikin kita pingsan atau merasa sakit. Remeh sih kedengarannya yah tapi please, jangan lupa cooling down setiap kali kita olahraga!

Salonpas Gel-Patch Solusi Nyeri Otot

Salonpas Gel-Patch Review

Herniated Discs (HNP) membuat saya harus lebih hati-hati dalam urusan olahraga. Walaupun penyebab Herniated Discs saya ini masih misterius karena ada banyak banget faktor yang bisa mempengaruhi kondisi tulang belakang, saya percaya banget kalau HNP saya tidak seharusnya jadi alasan untuk berhenti being active apalagi memusuhi olahraga.

In these past few years saya sudah banyak sekali belajar soal HNP dan yang paling penting sih saya jadi lebih mengerti kondisi badan saya sendiri. Saya jadi tau gerakan apa-apa aja yang bakalan bikin HNP saya kumat. Contohnya, karena posisi HNP saya di lumbar L4-5 and L5-S1 dan L3-4, gerakan-gerakan yang mengharuskan saya membungkuk kedepan terlalu dalam (deep forward bending) biasanya bakalan bikin saya hampir nggak bisa jalan besokannya. Kenapa? Karena HNP saya jadi kumat. Makanya itu untuk yoga atau gym movements’ saya amat sangat berhati-hati dan menghindari gerakan ini.

Faktor kerjaan yang mengharuskan saya banyak duduk dan menggunakan sepatu berheels juga kadang membuat sciatica pain saya kumat. Sciatica pain itu adalah efek samping dari HNP berupa keram kaki yang amat sangat sakit dibagian kaki kiri saya dari betis sampai ke pergelangan kaki. Sciatica ini kalau udah kumat…ampun deh sumpah, sakit banget! Rasanya kaki saya seperti mau copot. Antara nyeri otot, ketarik dan keram. Ngeri ya?

Salonpas Gel-Patch

Beruntung banget akhirnya menemukan produk Salonpas Gel-Patch yang ternyata cocok buat nolongin back pain saya.

Salonpas Gel-Patch

Yes, koyo Salonpas Gel-Patch ini emang saya rasakan sendiri berbeda dengan koyo lainnya. Btw, saya udah pake beberapa jenis koyo sebelumnya bahkan pernah sampai ke anak gunung Krakatau bermodalkan koyo karena sakit pinggang kumat!

Salonpas Gel-Patch tampak belakang

Kenapa Salonpas Gel-Patch Beda Dengan Yang Lain?

  • Karena kandungan Glycol Salicylate yang ada di dalam koyo lebih ampuh buat mengatasi nyeri yang kronik dan believe me, my back pain is pretty chronic!
  • Kombinasi cold and warm dalam satu lembar koyo. Efektifnya efek cold berguna untuk nyeri atau sakit yang akut bersamaan dengan inflamasi dan pembengkakan sedangkan fungsi warm sendiri sangat berguna untuk nyeri otot dan keseleo misalnya. Kalau koyo lain biasanya setelah sejam efeknya sudah tidak berasa, Salonpas Gel-Patch bekerja sampai 2 jam sejak pemasangan. Oh ya, warm di sini lebih cenderung ke hangat seperti mengompres yah jadi bukan panas yang kebakar seperti merk koyo lain.
  • Kalo dibuka nggak sekalian waxing alias nggak bikin sakit! Ini penting banget lho, dulunya saya nggak suka pake koyo karena kalo dibuka ya serasa lagi waxing.
  • Elastis! I love this part banget deh soalnya karena posisi yang sering masalah itu di pinggang satu lembar Salonpas Gel-Patch aja udah cukup untuk menutupi area yang mengganggu. Cara pemakaiannya cukup tarik dan tempel aja. As simple as that!

Yang paling utama sih buat saya pribadi, this thing works! Serius deh, saya dulu sering banget nenggak pain killer kalau pinggang udah kumat sakitnya, dan sakit saya ini udah termasuk jenis parah alias kronik jadi saya udah coba banyak hal. Tapi ternyata pemakaian Salonpas Gel-Patch ini nolong banget. Episode sciatica attack saya jadi jauh berkurang. Saya juga bisa pakai koyo ampuh ini pas olahraga di gym.

Let’s Move With Salonpas

Guys, karena kita semua sudah pada tahu yah pentingnya hidup sehat sekarang ada ajakan seru dari Salonpas nih. Mau ikutan event olahraga seru barengan artisnya Salonpas Gel-Patch dalam rangka kampanye hidup sehat “Let’s Move”? Pastinya acara ini bakalan fun banget. Ayo lah cus kepoin Facebook Page juga Instagramnya Salonpas Gel-Patch supaya stay update untuk info lebih lengkap yang nanti akan diumumkan. Salonpas Gel-Patch juga sudah nyiapin beragam hadiah menarik yang salah satunya tiket buat ikutan Jakarta Marathon 2017. Keren kan? BTW, tiket Jakarta Marathon ini selalu laris manis alias cepet banget sold out-nya jadi siapa tahu kalian bisa jadi salah satu pemenang beruntung yang dapetin tiket Jakarta Marathon 2017.

Satu lagi nih, jangan lupa follow Facebook Page dan Instagram Scoops of Joy karena nanti bakalan ada kejutan dari Salonpas Gel-Patch buat followersku. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get fit, let’s move!


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On Playing Victim

Ladies, let’s take some time to talk about this phenomenon…about this mentality. Yes, it’s about the ugly truth on playing victim.

On Playing Victim

On Playing Victim

I get it, your heart is shattered into a thousand pieces. You are angry at everyone who is breathing – let alone those who point fingers at you – and you are furious with life. I totally understand that. I know the feeling all too well like a step sister I wish I could bitch slap at times.

I have been in your shoes.

Angry, bitter and feeling wronged on oh, so many levels.

I was there too several years back. It is totally normal to feel anger and resentment to something as devastating as divorce. What’s not healthy is holding on to that anger for far too long.

I felt anger simmer beneath my skin and would unleash those anger at anyone who crossed my path and dare to tell me to snap out of it. I felt like I could shout “F**k you, world! You f**ked up my life!” I have been there when my marriage ended nearly 7 years ago.

Bruised ego, broken dreams, anger all wrapped into this one giant ugly monster who consumed my life daily. I would constantly berate my ex to those who are willing to hear me vent. I would hide those anger and feelings of being a victim like it was some wicked conspiracy theory that someone out there was determined to ruin my life. Yet, it was there, boiling silently and often would explode when the pressure gets too much. Not a pretty sight.

Breaking That “I am a Victim” Cycle

First off, the willingness to step out and look beyond our own pain takes courage! It is HARD!

It took all I got left in me to drag myself far away from the epicenter of all those unhealthy feelings when I realized how exhausting it really is to carry them around with me. When I realized “Damn woman, you got your own shares in the failing of your marriage! A marriage is between two people and you both f**ked it up!

When I realized the anger and bitterness start to affect my son, my health, my relationships post divorce and pretty much consumed my life, I knew something must be changed. I MUST deal with those tidal waves of anger and no longer kicked them under the bed like some dust balls. Because you know what? Those damn dust balls turned into one giant pile of dirt that caused me my health!

It took a journey deep into the core of my being to finally realized, hey I am NOT a victim! What happened was caused by poor choices he and I made, by my unconscious participations in creating something that was not healthy from the beginning. It wasn’t 100% his faults the marriage ended. I was a participant – willing or not – admitting my own mistakes and most importantly to FORGIVE myself was a massive milestone.

If I know better, I’d do better” Maya Angelou says it best, ladies!

Having to face my own demons, facing my own truth was difficult. It was the hardest part of my healing journey. Forgiving myself and conquering my own ego was key. Before the whole inner work took place, I thought I had forgiven him yet I still harbor seeds of anger and bitterness towards him. It wasn’t until I LET GO of the sad entitlement of “You wronged me! You f**king hurt me!” that I began to fully realize I will not fully move on with my life if I keep using those like a trump card.

By playing victim I avoided the crucial need to deal with whatever it is that life wants for me to learn even through the unbelievable pain of divorce. I stalled my own growth by sitting there feeling oh, so sorry for myself. By holding those grudges, my soul died a little each time I vented out to the world. Holding on to those feelings were toxic.

Now, whenever I started feeling sorry for myself and the challenges of life, I would think of those single mothers who have zero help from their ex-husband. I would remember the struggles of single mothers who have children with special needs or illness. In doing so I allowed gratitude to flow from my heart because my ex and I are now in a great place, we both have come a long way from those early days. We are friends now. My son is healthy and happy. I have a partner that truly love me and support me. There’s just plenty of things to be grateful for instead of focusing on the negative.

So darlings, please…STOP playing the victim! Stop entertaining your pain and sadness. It will take you nowhere.


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Single Moms Indonesia on Jawa Pos TV

Third TV interview for Single Moms Indonesia, still the nerves were all over the place! And because the shooting took place at night, after a long day and pretty much fueled on coffee, I feel like it would make a great blog post to write more about what I was asked and elaborate on my answers. The discussion also involved a child psychologist Rolla Apnoza.

Single Moms Indonesia on Jawa Pos TV

Single Moms Indonesia on Jawa Pos TV

Interviewer: “How long have you been a single parent?

Me: “Since 2010

Interviewer: “What made you decide to be a single parent?

Me: “When I realized the marriage couldn’t work anymore. I never seek out to be a single parent but circumstances lead me to this path.

Interviewer: “When you first became a single parent, what did you imagined it would be like?

Me: “At the beginning, I was scared – which is completely normal. I had fears if I could take on the role as a single mother in a country where divorce is still highly considered a negative thing.

Interviewer: “What prepared you to become a single parent?

Me: “Honestly, I don’t think anyone is really prepared to become one. For me, when I had accepted the fact that divorce is something that must be done then I had to prepare myself. Knowing that there’s a child or children involved, you do need to prepare to take on this journey but the single parents just roll with the punches and do their best in whatever circumstances we are facing.”

Interviewer: “How do you explain what happened to your child?

Me: “By using simple and easy to understand language, I explained to my son that his parents decided to go their own separate ways and that doesn’t mean we don’t love him anymore. I choose not to lie to my son but also not to explain in full details what actually causing the divorce. I heavily emphasized on the positive side of the positive notes that his parents’ divorce created two family homes that love him greatly.”

Interviewer: “What kind of obstacles you feel as a single parent?

Me: “I think that as a single parent, we tend to must work harder in a lot of different ways compare to when you have a husband. Time management and others become more precious because you have to do it on your own. You cannot share the responsibility with your husband.”

Interviewer: “Maureen, as a single working mother, how do you manage the role as the single provider and being a mother?

Me: “You just can’t have it all! That’s what I would say. That elusive work-life balance is a unicorn. Some days you feel like you could do it all, some days you just have to get back and hoping tomorrow will be better. All in all, I try to do both with a happy heart and not making it as a burden because it is not. It may not be easy but this is our lives and I am grateful for everything that we have, for every tear, every struggle and every victory. I strongly believe that if you just do it with a grateful heart, with genuine intentions then God, the Universe will always have your back. Yes, of course as a mother you have bad days but that’s a normal part of motherhood.”

SMI Jawa Pos TV Interview

Interviewer: “How do you share the parental role between mother and father?

Me: “At the moment I am co-parenting with my ex-husband. We have shared custody of our son and I am the primary caretaker. I am one of the lucky few because my ex-husband still supports our son’s education.

Interviewer: “What is it like to be a mother and a father?

Me: “You just do your best. I believe having a support system can completely make a difference in a single mom‘s life. A single mom really needs support, we just can’t do everything on our own. Having the family support can also greatly improve the quality of life of a single mom and their children.”

Interviewer: “You started the single mother community, Single Moms Indonesia. Tell us more about your community?

Me: “Our community is a support group who welcome any Indonesian single mothers no matter what their backgrounds and stories were. In the community, members feel safe to share their experiences, struggles, and heartache without the fear of being judged. For me, it is important to provide a safe haven where we all could learn and be inspired from one another.

Interviewer: “What does having this community means to you personally?

Me: “It’s been an amazing experience so far. To be able to help our members and letting them know that they are not alone, that someone care and that we support each other has completely changed my life. I feel so blessed to be able to witness their stories who sometimes feels surreal, see them patching their life up and watch them soar as a new stronger woman give me the best feelings ever. It is hard to describe but I feel so privileged to be among these amazing inspiring women and to see them giving back, helping other members? It’s such a humbling experience.”

Interviewer: “What can a single parent do to live a normal happy life?

Me: “Single parent should and need to manage their time well, having a healthy relationship with the father of their children if possible even when there are differences among them, financially single parents need to be smart too, be open to accepting help from others and realizing we cannot do everything on our own. Find a way to maintain your peace of mind is also very important, don’t forget to make yourself happy and also a priority. Single moms can absolutely live a happy life because happiness comes from within.”

You could see the full interview on the video below but it was done in my native language, Indonesian.


Lifestyle and travel blogger, founder of Single Moms Indonesia on a quest of finding joy in everyday life and living life to the fullest with kindness, compassion, grace and a bit of sass.

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