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I’m so excited about being partially featured in Time Out Jakarta Magazine in their May’s issue along with bigger blogs from Jakarta such as The Urban Mama and Family Guide To Jakarta. Go grab the magazine in major bookstores here to read the article titled “Parenting Tips From The World Wide Web”.  The writer is Siti Anissa (Icha) wrote a good piece based on our chats and email interview.

During our online interview, she sent me a few questions and with her permission I’m sharing it along with my answers here.

1. When did you start writing your blog?
Actually, I’ve been blogging since I was still single but before I have my current blog I blogged on several free blogging media such as Multiply and on Blogger. Tatterscoops.com starts running in August 2009.

2. What made you decide to create the blog?
Since writing has been a huge passion of mine and something that I find very therapeutic, I decided to creat my blog(s) and being a mother doesn’t mean I stop having thoughts or thinks about things that I can freely express using words. My first family blog was created when I was living in Dothan, Alabama, a very small town in the USA. The one in blogger was created simply because I couldn’t access Multiply from mainland China. My blogs were mainly created to document our lives especially after our son was born and to stay connected with far relatives and friends from all over the world. On a deeper meaning, creating a blog allows me to have a creative outlet and to have some kind of a digital ‘records’ of how my life journey has been thus far. I still sometimes find myself reading old blog post and see how much I had grown personally.

3. Can you describe what your blog is like?
Undeniably, it is about a family of mixed couple with one toddler who after living abroad (America & China) for some years then returned to Jakarta. I write about some of the everyday life bits and pieces that we are dealing with, from dealing with the driver down to finding the right domestic helper to assist us with our son down to firing one. The personal challenges of settling back in Jakarta after living abroad and how the experiences has shaped my way of thinking and attitude on some levels. From different ways I perceived about raising our son down to my opinion on the crazy traffic of Jakarta. I also love to blog about our domestic travels and the beautiful places we are fortunate to explore.

4. What’s the story behind the name for your blog?
Ok this is somewhat embarrassing because for someone who hated typos, it’s actually a typo. What I had in mind was the food, tater tots that I love so much but couldn’t find here. It’s a registered trademark for a commercial form of hash browns, it is a side-dish made from deep-fried, grated potatoes. Tater Tots are widely recognized by their crispiness, cylindrical shape and small size. I’ve been using the name “tatter tots” for awhile for an online game that I enjoys and when I was trying to find a catchy name for my blog I thought Tatter Scoops is perfect as it will be full of scoops from our life and my thoughts. Unfortunately I didn’t even realize the typo until my blog is up and running.

5. How many times in a month/year do you update your blog?
While I try to update my blog on a regular basis yet there are times when I am slacking a bit simply because I am a mother and sometimes the business of life just get in the way to sit down and write. I don’t have any certain target of how many blog post I must publish in a week so I guess the correct answer would be whenever I can post 😀

6. Do you find your blog useful for other women/parents?

I hope so, especially for other women in the same situation (being in a mix marriage living in Jakarta) and to gives others some kind of picture of general living condition for a mix couple residing here or to other parents. I’m no parenting experts so I can’t say that my blog offers a load full of parenting advices, what I blog about when it comes to parenting is solely based on my own personal experience and what I had to go through.

7. Can you recommend any other blog by women/on parenting?

There are so many other great blog by women on parenting or as we call it “Mommy Blogger” out there but some of my favorite are: Scary Mommy and Mama Kat both are American mothers who are so inspiring in every way.  My friend and the genius lady behind my blog design is also a great mommy blogger currently living in Shanghai, China.  Two of my favorite women blogger are Anita McKay on Finally Woken, a smart witty Indonesian woman who’s also in a mixed marriage currently living in Perth, Australia and my new friend, a strong, smart, independent women name Parvita.

8. What/who is your inspiration?

My inspiration to blog comes from all kinds of stuffs really, from reading something, seeing something on TV or from daily interactions with our surroundings. When it got me thinking, my mind reeling then that’s the sign I need to write/blog about it. The people I mentioned above also pretty much give me plenty of inspirations too.

9. What is your view about being a parent?

Being a parent is no easy job or responsibilities. There’s plenty of parenting advices out there but there’s really no one-size-fits-all answers to all my parenting questions so I will just have to take everything with a grain of salt. What will works for me will not always work for other parents. We’re far from perfect but in our imperfections sometimes we can find that we are giving our best to our children. Being one definitely had changed my life,  it’s not a one way street but my child also has been shaping me, taught me a lot of precious lessons. Who knew a pile of dead leaves in autumn can be so much fun? You know, that sort of lessons that sometimes adults failed to realize. I am lucky to be a parent and blessed to have this experience. Being a parent to a mixed race child has surely been a fascinating journey from combining the Indonesian techniques of parenting with the western’s ways that my husband is used to and how to balance our different backgrounds in raising a small human being so he will have the best of both worlds.

10. Do you have any tips on parenting in Jakarta?

Being Indonesian, I know there are a lot of parenting advices being passed down on us from our families/relatives. This can be overwhelming to new parents. However, what might works for them 30-50 years ago might not work today, so as parents we all should use our own judgments’. I’m not saying that they’re all bad, but some of them especially the ones that’s based on ‘folk lore’ or old wives’ tales tend to make new parents confused. For example, an old tradition of putting a safety pin on a newborn baby’s clothes for protection from the evil spirit or tucking a scissor under their bed, it can actually be dangerous. Like I said, us parents will know our children better than anyone else so we need to use all these advices accordingly not blindly.

Don’t worry the actual article isn’t this long! 😉




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