A Gorgeous Reception Plus An Accident

I am slackin’ hardcore with keeping this little blog afloat so it only took me two months to finish of sharing the story of my brother’s beautiful wedding.

After the peaceful and divine church ceremony, close families and friends went to my parents’ house for lunch along with the newlyweds.

Since the reception wasn’t until 7 PM, we got a little time to rest and most importantly touch-ups!

So after lunch, my aunts, cousins and I, we all went to get our hair and make-up done again at the beauty salon. The Bride, The Mothers and the Groom will have their touch-ups at the reception building.

They changed my hair, the make-up to fit my red dress.

We weren’t even done when rain poured heavily, so heavy that we could barely see the road on our way home.

Around 5:30 PM, armed with our dresses we all went to the reception building. My brother and his Bride choose a unique place. It’s called The Joglo at Kemang. Built with Javanese ambiance, this place is really unique with ‘joglo’ surrounding the ‘hall’. Joglo is a traditional Javanese house identified by its distinctive roof design. It is a gathering place, offering protection, yet open to the outdoors.

Picture from Joglo Group Website

We went upstairs where their private rooms are. The newlyweds and our mothers were up there getting ready.

Because we are not Javanese, they had decorated the place to look a bit more modern.

Social Media Involved

My favorite part of their decorations? The wishing tree! Courtesy of yours truly, Pinterest!

The day before the wedding, my brother and his Bride asked me to make a hashtag for their wedding so #RSWedding was born. Being a graphic designer, one of my brother’s friend created this website for the newlywed. Pretty cool!

We tweeted it out, we used it for Instagram pictures.

If I wasn’t so busy with work we could’ve came up with a better Social Media plans to cover their wedding.

The groom, a graphic designer by day designed a small sign with the hashtag on it the night before the wedding and placed strategically so all their guests can see it before walking into the reception hall.


Another Pinterest finding that my sister in law used was the kiddy table. Unfortunately, that table didn’t last very long. Hah! I’m sure it was a hit with the kids and the adults.

Kiddy Table

A Memorable Accident

Here, we doesn’t have Rehearsal Dinner and now I know why we should! It helps us from being confused of how the procession will be.

Shirley’s friends acted as the committees were busy directing us around. Who walked in first. My parents were first to walk into the reception hall followed by me, my son and my brother, Danny. Walking behind us, were the Bride’s family then the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Everyone lined up outside the reception hall, ceremonially, the Bride and Groom arrived with their car (although they’ve been within the vicinity anyway). Once they got off the car, we were told to slowly walk into the hall.

Between the entrances to the hall, there’s a Javanese wooden door with an arched walk way on the floor. The arch is small but with three pointy parts so it was uneven and a little too wobbly. I’ve noticed this since we first got there and quickly made a mental note to complain about it.

It was too late tho…

As the Master of Ceremony announces the arrival of families with the Bride & Groom and as we made our way into the hall, I saw my mother nearly lost her balanced on that wobbly arched floor. My father quickly held her arms tighter and she didn’t fall.

Between gasping when I saw my mother nearly fall, I forgot to watch my own steps!

Aaand…the sister of the Groom landed on the floor!

Yeah, I fell down, my left heel got caught in one of the three uneven spots on the floor. My left ankle snap to the left sending sharp pain. Same ankle that I hurt from Krakatoa. That was an ugly fall! Nearly knock my head on the floor.

Talk about America’s Funniest Home Video moments!

I could hear people gasping as I went down knees on the floor dragging my poor boy with me who immediately cried because I yanked his hand out of my poor reflexes.

As I pulled myself up and tried to walk, the burning on my face were more painful than the actual pain on my ankle. I was sure the camera people definitely got that on tape. Oh.my.Lord!

Lucky for me, I did packed my sandals so I quickly took my heels off and wear them under my long dress.

Everyone tried to console me and checked to see if I’m alright.

Sure, I’m fine. It’s just my pride that got bruised!” I said behind a stiff smile.

Don’t worry, at least it will make an unforgettable moment for your bother’s wedding!” poked one of my aunts.

Anyway, the reception went well. Many people showed up despite the heavy rain and floods.

One of my aunts and I was in charged of the ‘gift boxes’. And by gift, I don’t mean the typical wedding gifts. Here in Indonesia, when people get married they only accept cash (or checks!). I’m not exactly sure when this became a custom but now when you go to weddings, you just put some money in an envelope and slide them into the ‘gift boxes’ after you signed the guest books.

It was a long day for everyone.

The journey was quite interesting to get there. Preparing a wedding was clearly a huge mission with lots of ups and down. From troubles with the dressmaker to last minutes dress alterations! It was hectic, crazy and one of a kind.

Plus, to fell in front of uhm, roughly 400 people? Priceless!

Do you have any ’embarrassing’ yet unforgettable moment from weddings? Let’s hear about it.




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  1. February 16, 2013 / 10:37 pm

    Hi Mo,

    lol 😀 I thought it’s about your brother. Now I know why you took a long time to post about accident 😀

    Anyway I’m sorry for what you have been through but still I feel it would make an unforgettable memory as one of your aunt said 😉 Pride restored?

    Glad to know some facts about your traditions and no words for last photo 😉 I’ve been to website and that’s very creative.

    Hope your ankle is alright by now as this happened few days ago 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..What is Google PageRank?My Profile

  2. February 19, 2013 / 9:48 am

    What a beautiful wedding! Impressive it incorporated social media too, impressive! Sorry to hear you hurt your ankle. Not what you had imagined for the wedding but it did make for a memorable moment. 🙂
    Bicultural Mama recently posted..Living in the MomentMy Profile

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