50 Random Thoughts of a Commuter – Part 2

You guys seem to enjoy reading my post 50 Random Thoughts of a Commuter so I came up with part 2! Hah! Thanks you guys!

50 random thoughts of a commuter part 2

1. I can see your earwax. Eeeww!
2. When someone’s hair poke you in the eye.
3. Thank you for giving me a seat! There are still some gentlemen out there.
4. People, the spitting! Gross!
5. Those rings, tho! Next level ghetto!
6. Single poles in the train…hmm…really?
7. There are still some gentlemen out there who let others have a seat. You, Sir are rare breeds. Thank you!
8. Personal space is an illusion…
9. This man’s sweat is on my arms. Lord, I need a full body scrub!
10. People are helping this blind older man! Faith in human kind restored!
11. Hey, look, a white guy! He’s brave to ride like the locals. Two white guys! Oh, Jehovah witnesses…never mind
12. Dude is playing candy crush…’nuff said
13. You really got to see the ‘hidden’ side of Jakarta. The dirty and the poor that lives by the railways
14. Excuse me, I think you need to move your hand away from my bottom!
15. You know there is no personal space when you are squeezed between bodies after bodies.
16  Those guys need to shut up and stop being so obnoxious!
17. When you can snooze off but never miss your stop even without the announcement
18. Every time I hear or see a kid cry in this crowded uncomfortable train, my heart ache. Clearly we can do better than this.
19. Excuse you! That’s my neck you are breathing into. Yuck!
20. Humidity in the train is hellish!
21. When people had to open the windows? Yeah, you know the heat has become unbearable and the fan doesn’t work
22. Once a station has a problem, you can bet your asses off that you’d be screwed!
23. Oh, the dream of hopping into the opposite lane and go against the busy congested lane.
24. Stand in the middle, sauna have nothing on this!
25. Don’t sing too loud in a crowded train!
26. Looking at those makeshifts huts and seeing people actually living there, my problems seems minuscule compare to theirs
27. Riding train in high heels? Talk about next level badassery!
28. When other passenger pushed you from the outside so you can’t do anything but go with it and feeling like a half dead animal being pushed inside a can.
29. “God when will this end?” Wipe tears silently. Yes, I cried some days.
30. I need a new job
31. Looking lustfully to the empty trains going the opposite direction I am going every day dreaming how nice it would be to be on that train instead!
32. Replying to urgent work emails while trying to keep my balance in a full train? Yeah, I master that shit already!
33. When you are lucky and got a seat but the guy standing in front of you standing too close? Awkward!
34. Body odors? Yes, help me Sweet Jesus! Even your mask can’t protect you.
35. When this guy standing next to you while you were seated looks like he is pregnant and the bump almost touch you. Lord have mercy!
36. This ain’t a life for spoiled brat!
37. This is thug life!
38. Resilient or craziness? Hard to tell!
39. OMG! Gag! Can’t get out of the train soon enough! – when the guy next to you smells so bad.
40. Personal space? Darling, in Jakarta’s commuter line that is a unicorn!
41. Women only carriage? Oh, you mean the crazy bitches carriage? Thanks but no thanks!
42. A nut job once kicked me for no reasons in the woman only carriage.
43. Fuck! A heavy backpack fell on top of your head? Checked! No concussion here – luckily – just an effin shock!
44. Jesus, I need a new job closer to home, please. Did I say that a million times before?
45. No wonder I can’t lose these weights! My cortisol – that is stress hormone – is being kicked on it’s rear on a daily basis!
46. When your back tense as soon as you step foot in the station you know even your body is protesting.
47. Ohm…find your peace…inhale…exhale. Dammit! That is my foot just being squashed!
48. Adele keeps me entertained daily
49. I need to hurry home just so I can spend an hour with my son before his bed time.
50. Jakartans are tough people!

There you go, I collect these thoughts and jotted them down whenever I can in the train. Talk about multi-tasking.



  1. Opi
    February 25, 2016 / 11:33 am

    Oh my gracious God! Thank you for such textual entertainment today! Bless you, Oyen.

    Looking at the opposite lane? Yep, i feel that too. Every. Single. Day. Just because i want to be with my son more than anything:|.

  2. February 25, 2016 / 8:45 pm

    Ha ha oh my gosh. I’ve never had to commute via any way except through my own car. I bet commuting was an experience and a half.

  3. February 26, 2016 / 2:00 am

    I used to take the train every day when I was in college and then again during grad school. It certainly becomes a time for contemplation!

  4. February 26, 2016 / 8:50 am

    Number 7 is awesome! I salute people who give their seats. I think more men should be like them.

  5. Rebecca Swenor
    February 26, 2016 / 3:36 pm

    These are all awesome random thoughts of a commuter for sure. I used to ride the bus to work every day and back. When you are commuting you really see many different types of people. It is so true that you multi-tasks when you are commuting. lol

  6. February 28, 2016 / 7:50 am

    I take a commuter bus when I got into the office one day a week and have definitely had a few of these thoughts! You experience a lot of wackiness when commuting. Haha

  7. February 28, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    Such a funny post that I loved reading every part of it, most of which I think goes in to thoughts of everyone of us. Breathing in to the neck, lol, that’s something I have experienced few times.

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