5 Tips To Get Back On Track With Your Fitness & Healthy Eating

My journey to live a healthy lifestyle has been definitely full of ups and downs, highs and lows. You got the drill.

It’s not always easy. There are days where I just don’t feel like working out. There are days where I don’t want to eat healthy and wanted to eat all those bad deep fried food and all those chocolates? Yeah, bring them to me! I am only human and sometimes I slipped too.

I stopped doing green smoothies. Why? Because I didn’t know better! Please don’t get me wrong, they are great BUT I found out the hard way that my body reacted poorly to them. I used to dump a lot of fruits into my green smoothie thinking hey these are fruits, they are healthy. Wrong!

Yes, fruits are way better than a box of chocolate…but when I blend/juice those delicious fruits then I have fructose in a cup that got absorb to my system so quickly raising my blood sugar level. Although I don’t have diabetes, diabetes runs rampant in my family history. So maybe my body just reacted differently to sugar than let’s say your body if you have no family record of diabetes.

My weight started to went up and I was clueless as to why this is happened. I was so upset.

When I learned more about fructose, I realized how much fructose I have consumed for months thinking I am doing my body good. Little that I know fructose is feeding my uterine fibroids! So  I stopped green smoothies and juice. I had a horrible fructose withdrawal in the first 3 days where I felt shitty, I had headaches, and no energy…I just wanted to lie in bed doing nothing! Sounds too much? No! Just telling it like it is.

Again, I am not a nutritionist so please bear in mind that how my body reacts will differ from your own body. I am jus sharing how it affected my body.

My eating has changed a lot too since last year. Not quite a vegan (yet), I stop eating chicken and meat and stick to mostly plant based diet. If you need a name then I would be a pescetarian. I still eat fish.

In search of the right way of eating for me I found out how much my body love the raw food diet although I need to really be careful not to overload on fruit and sugar.  My actual fitness journey took a back seat. I lost a lot of motivations, I scaled down a lot of my workout too as my back is still causing me problems. Mentally I was off-track too dealing with a lot of personal issues lately.

My fitness and diet well they got pretty effed up!

How do you get back on track?

5 Tips To Get Back On Track
1. Just do it! Really…I could sit and wallow in self pity beating myself up or I could just start doing it again lift the weights up, working out again and eat right. There will never be a right time to resolve. The time to resolve is now.

2. Most importantly: stop eating crap – which is the hardest challenge, I know! My cheat day has been going on for months now and no wonder the weights were piling back up. No I am not on a diet…I despise that word. I am eating healthy! Stock up on veggies and fruits and say no to processed foods. Get rid of all the unhealthy food out of your kitchen if possible so that way you won’t be tempted.

3. Schedule your workout. I feel way better getting my workouts done in the morning. The longer I wait, chances are I will get more tempted to NOT doing it. Keep track of your workout will help with accountability too.

4. Enough sleep – this is vital but sadly I have been staying up late and it affected my whole metabolism greatly. Get your much needed shut eyes.

5. Try something new. This helps me a lot when I found a new workout program that is fun and get me excited.

How do you get back on the wagon if you’ve fallen off? What works for you?




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  1. December 1, 2014 / 5:08 pm

    Great tips 🙂 I need to start exercising regularly again and also get better quality sleep. Since starting my blog, I have been up later at nights and have reduced my exercise. I should know better!!

    • Maureen
      December 1, 2014 / 5:21 pm

      Thanks Ness! I too am just starting to get back to it. That’s the hardest part…to get back to it again after you fell off 😀 All the best for you and your ebook launch!

      • December 1, 2014 / 5:44 pm

        Same to you Maureen and thank you 🙂

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