10 Things That Make Me Smile Today


Today is World Smile Day. So let’s smile, everyone!

These are 10 things that make me smile today:

  1. Meditation. This has been playing a huge part of my life lately. It just feeds my soul with so much positivity and joy.Author Unknown When we create harmony in our minds and hearts, we will find it in our lives. The inner creates the outer. Always
  2. My fiancé. I am missing him like crazy but I am so thankful for Skype and other chat apps that allow us to communicate daily. Seeing his smile always brighten my day in an instant. His cheeky sense of humor never fails to make me laugh. I miss him, did I say that?! Yeah, it’s that bad!
  3. My boy. He just finished his mid-term tests and will have a week off from school. Getting hugs and kisses from him makes my heart swell with so much love. He is almost 8 years old but it still feels amazing when we are out and about, he would slide his hand on mine…it’s the little things, really.
  4. Scoops of Joy. This blog turned 2 years old last month – oops – and I am so very happy to let you know I just won a blog makeover courtesy of Martine De Luna and Chasing Dreams! Woop woop! Super excited. Can’t wait to let you all see the result.
  5. Les Mills Combat. I’ve had their DVD for awhile but have only been, using them this week. It is so much fun, everyone! Seriously, I never thought I would enjoy boxing and all the other combat moves they do on there until I tried it. I am now hooked. Have you tried it?
  6. My niece Letisya who will turn a year old next month. Seeing her smile always make me smile too.
  7. I have been taking my writing more seriously and it truly gives me abundance of joy. Both writing here and on a journal has been really therapeutic.
  8. Taking pictures with this baby! My amazing fiancé got me a new camera and converted me to Nikon. So I’ve been busy taking pictures and learning the ropes. Thank you, Sayang!Nikon Baby!
  9. My fellow single mom friends. These ladies are really amazing and inspiring.
  10. As in the color orange. No, it is not because it is autumn (Indonesia only have two seasons). There’s just something about this color that make me smile and feel happy.


Please share with me 10 things that make you smile today.

Thank you SITS for giving an awesome writing prompts for October 2014!


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