Wellness Wednesday 14: Top 5 Fitness Apps

Hello, lovelies!

Excuse me for missing last week’s linky! Things has been overwhelmingly busy on my end.

Have you seen the announcement over at Rina’s?

Wellness Wednesday will no longer be using prompts. Yes, you read that right. As much as we love giving you prompts every week, we feel like by dropping them out will actually give everyone more freedom to write what they want that is related to Wellness, Health and Well Being in general. Even we as the hosts sometimes wanted to pick more than one topic to write about hah!

So on to the post itself…something from our prompts two weeks ago that I’m dying to write about but didn’t have the time to do so until today.

Top 5 Fitness Apps

Aren’t we lucky to have so much apps available to support living a healthy lifestyle? I absolutely am apps junkie. I would try out different apps then deleted them if they suck. Who doesn’t, anyway?

So here are my top 5 fitness apps:

  1. Fit Star: this is by far, my very favorite fitness app. Why? Because the workouts are so easy to follow, no equipment needed, you can do your workout anywhere, anytime. The videos are so easy to follow no matter what your fitness level are (believe me they are killers body weights workouts!) And they have added Yoga into their program too. I highly recommend this app and the membership is way cheaper than your gym membership of course. You can set your goals and the program will be customized to that. They also just announced that they have a web version! How awesome! Fit Star
  1. Popsugar Fit Fix: I love pink so a pinkish girlish fitness app? Yes, please. But no, really you will love this app. It’s free, it have high quality workout videos. You can customize your workouts too, browse freely through the many videos. From their own words: “It’s similar to a salad bar, because you can pick what you’re in the mood for, mix and match options, and tailor the workout to your personal needs!”

PopSugar Fit Fix

  1. BodySpace by Bodybuilding: As I was using their workout programs when I was still working out at the gym, I dig this app despite their occasional crashes (or I just need a new phone). You can synchronize your program from their website to the app and track everything. From how many repetitions to how much weights you are lifting.

Bodyspace by bodybuilding

  1. Omvana: I LOVE and miss this app. I used to have it installed on my iPhone. You can get lots of guided meditations to choose from, binaural music to sooth your mood and relaxes you. My favorite? Their soothing deep rest music. You can create your own mix of what to play almost like having your personal playlist. Pretty awesome!


  1. MyFitnessPal: I have to be honest I haven’t been utilizing this app to its max just because I am too lazy to log in my meals hah! But this is too is an awesome app.

MyFitnessPalNow your turn, what’s your favorite fitness app?

Let’s link up shall we.

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Scoops of Joy



  1. April 8, 2015 / 2:36 pm

    great to see you back, we missed you last week. Sometimes we all need a break, it is part of staying well xx

  2. April 10, 2015 / 1:50 pm

    Hmm my fitness pal seems good for me!! Will download!

  3. April 12, 2015 / 3:04 pm

    I have been a member of bb.com since 2004 and I really like the new app. I might not use it as much as before since I joined CF, but I like to stay connected with everyone there and follow their journey. All my progress pictures are there.

  4. April 21, 2015 / 9:17 am

    Ow, no more prompts? What a suprise!

    So sorry I’ve missed a lot of WW weeks. I wish could join this week, but I have no idea what to write. Could you please sum the prompts from the first week, Maureen? So we don’t run of idea for the next weeks trought this year..


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