The Day My Heart Soar

One more leg…I could do this.

I sat impatiently waiting for the assigned Gate…Gate 14 to open for my next flight Down Under.

7 hours 55 minutes? I got it!

Armed with my sexy back support, I was prepared for the long flight. Luckily it was an evening flight so I was hoping I will be able to sleep – psst, I got myself some pretty darn strong cold pills – I also got a magazine, even rented the Samsung Galaxy Tab thingy from the plane.

Yet my heart just wouldn’t calm the hell down!

It was running crazy the whole times.

I nearly had a panic attack – or the closest I’ve felt to one – as soon as the plane took off from Kuala Lumpur’s runway.


What if he’s different than I thought he would be?” my stomach did all kinds of movements that will put a pregnant lady to shame. Seriously, I was having a hardcore freaking out moment.

Calm down, woman!!!!” My heart snapped. “You will be calm, poised even…and you will have a great time. No matter what happen. You are taking chances and that is pretty freaking awesome!” the inner goddess in me flick her hair back.

So I took a deep breath…I listened to my calming and soothing music. Closed my eyes…then I write – well OK, from the look of it, it looks almost scrawled handwritten things on my notebook. Yeah, I blame the turbulence in my heart and head.

After munching down on my pre-ordered sandwich, I decided not to drug myself and tried to get some sleep on my own. Couple of hours later, I woke up. The cabin was dark. One thing I dislike about the window seat? Having to bother the other two people sitting next to me – on this case two really sweet Chinese ladies – to go to the tiny lavatory.

Most of the passengers were sleeping. So it was the perfect time for me to do some stretches for my old back in the small area in front of the lavatory.

Sleep just wouldn’t come to me. I turned the timer on my phone on when we departed from Kuala Lumpur and I nearly flipped when I saw there was only 2 hours before landing. Please don’t ask what time it was because I’m really and I mean really bad with time differences.

The cabin lit up, they served breakfast. I was thankful for my thin pancakes that I cleaned up like a champ.

Morning has broken

Hmmm….the lavatory is too small. Maybe I’ll just get ready once we landed. Yeah, that was the better option than hogging the small lavatory, right?

My tired eyes were woken up by the lush greeneries I saw before we landed. We actually landed 20 minutes early in Tullamarine and I think my heart did a somersault all the way to my throat as we touched down. It was 16 degrees Celsius (60.8 F) from what the pilot cheerfully announced.

I went straight to the ladies’ toilet. Washed my face, brushed my teeth but decided the dress I had in my carry on is too short and I would just get too cold. He will have to like me in my legging, loose blouse and jacket. There…that should do I smiled to my reflection in the mirror as I slather my lips with some Burt’s Bee lip balm.

While others take their sweet time walking, I paced myself – I don’t run unless it’s on the treadmill – hah! But I took the stairs and that felt quite good – until I stopped and saw this long line.!

In total I waited for nearly 2 hours before I got through immigration and custom.  Half panicking, I tried to contact him on Skype, frantically saying “Please wait…I’m here. The line is very long!” It says Pending. Oh darn it!

The immigration officer asked why I’m only there for a very short times and I explained to him I couldn’t leave work for too long. He smiled and asked how I met the boyfriend. “The internet?” he said with a smile and I nodded feeling quite unsure about it but it’s that common now does it?

As the custom officer took my custom declare card and wished me a g’day, my heart float! I walked outside…turned to the right…

Then our eyes found each other and my heart melts…

There he is, all of him. His smile brightens my whole world.

All of my exhaustion dissolves.

I didn’t even see he had some flowers bouquet on his left hand. We hugged. Tightly. We kissed.

Gone was the million dollar questions I’ve been wondering before about how we would be the first time our eyes meet at the airport. There was no awkward moment, there was no shyness.

If you were there that day and saw us? You’d think we were just two lovers who haven’t seen each other for a long time. When he finally release me from his hug, I finally noticed the flower and thanked him.

He’s been waiting for me…

My heart let a grateful silent sigh escape from the inner corners as we walked to the parking lot hand in hand with big smiles from ears to ears.

We were the happiest couple in Melbourne Airport that day.

I am with My Man…finally!





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  1. October 1, 2013 / 7:14 pm

    Awwww. I love that you finally met, and that clearly, it is meant to be. Enjoyed all the photos you posted – glad to put a face to the ‘name’. 🙂
    Alison recently posted..The Days When I Don’t Love ItMy Profile

    • Maureen
      October 2, 2013 / 10:08 am

      Thank you so much Alison! 🙂
      It’s been quite a journey in the short 6 months of knowing him so it was a huge step for us both to finally met in persons and things just flows naturally.

  2. October 1, 2013 / 7:53 pm

    I am officially melted! So happy for you XXX

    • Maureen
      October 2, 2013 / 10:11 am

      Thank you Rina, and he melt my heart all the time 🙂 Hugs!

  3. October 3, 2013 / 8:52 am

    I’m so happy for you Maureen. Heh, like you I knew my hubby from the Internet back in the IRC days. Best wishes to you my dear.
    Susan recently posted..Rest in progressMy Profile

    • Maureen
      October 3, 2013 / 9:31 am

      Thank you so much Susan!
      I know it says that nowadays most relationship starts online lol I just never thought I’d ‘found’ him online – well, ok he found me first lol. Thank you again, Susan 🙂

    • Maureen
      October 4, 2013 / 8:39 am

      Thank you, Amanda.
      I fell in love with this man 6 months ago and he’s giving me more reasons to love him more daily.

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