Detox Report – Day 1 to 3

Day 1: 25 November 2013

The initial plan was to start our detox (yes, Dan and I are doing this together) on Sunday. I had already done some groceries and just had a few more things to get. Yet, having my first niece changes that plan – bless her cute little self – but we spent most of the weekend in the hospital. She was born last Saturday night at 10:49.

I am a proud aunty, that’s for sure.



Ok, enough baby pictures let’s get back to detox.

I stared my morning with the Morning Elixir drink – following the recipe – and being a coffee person, this will take a lot of efforts to not have coffee and instead, chugging down the morning drink of warm water with lemon etc.

My stomach quickly reacted to this new wake up call in the morning. It doesn’t hurt or anything, it just feels funny, churning maybe.

After lunch my addiction to caffeine came hitting me hardcore. I feel so tired, exhausted even. Lightheaded too. Either it was from not sleeping enough the weekend before I started my detox or it was my body demanding coffee.

I couldn’t leave work soon enough and crashed in bed.

Unfortunately, I can’t follow the detox to the dots – as in the meal plans because it’s a bit hard to maintain that so I thought I just do what I can. It’s more challenging for lunch because I’m working.

I managed to do the breakfast and dinner tho so that counts right?

Day 2: 26 Nov 2013

Today I was excited to get it right and choose from the morning smoothie recipes to fit with what I have in the kitchen. I drank my morning elixir then had the probiotic before I left for work.

I brought all of the ingredients I would need to make the smoothie and quickly got to work after our usual morning call pre-work. Dan is doing the detox and he’s doing so much better than me as he’s pretty much been living healthy his whole life.

Green Smoothie

For lunch, I ordered gado-gado. Indonesian salad with peanut sauce dressing and used only 2 tablespoon of the dressing.

Living in Indonesia means I get easier access to fresh green coconut and for $1.5 a coconut? It’s a total bargain and I had asked one of the cleaning service guys to buy them daily for me.


For my afternoon snack, I had my carrots and tahini dipping sauce – which I made from scratch at home the night before. Who knew? It’s so easy to make them and they are so delicious!

As I’m feeling better, I did my workout after work. 45 minutes of Pump and Shred that kicked my behind.

Post workout, I just had some fruits for dinner and prep my baby spinach, and even made almond milk for the very first time and I am so hooked! Will make my own from now on. It’s so easy to make it. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures, maybe the next time I make them I’ll snap a few.

Note to self: Get more than 6 hours of sleep, doll!

Day 3: 27 Nov 2013

Although Dan told me and I already knew this – but I’m stubborn like that – I got on the scale. Guess what? I lost a kilo! That’s two pounds! Woohooo! That’s definitely an added bonus as my goal for this detox is to train myself to eat healthier, more raw food, plant based and eliminating all processed foods for 12 days. Because of my fibroids, I think this way of eating is better for me in the long term.

It’s day 3 of no sweetener for me and I’m starting to feel OK about drinking my green tea without it. I have been sugar free for two years since I saw the severe damaged it did to my father, but of course I still occasionally indulge on some delicious chocolates and sweet things. I switched to Stevia for my chosen sweetener but I’m starting to think maybe I can enjoy my drinks without them?

Usually at around 3 PM I will be sitting down with coffee beside me, picking my energy up. Do I miss coffee? Yes! Definitely! I miss them a whole dang much.

How I feel overall? Not much changes yet in how I feel energy wisely I feel normal but I really need to pay more attention to my sleeping. Really, running on 6 hours of sleep nightly is not enough.

Looking back at these days, did you see the pattern of how much I miss coffee?!

Coffee with almond milk sounds delicious!

Ok, enough ode to coffee.




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