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The Wisdom in Waiting

The Wisdom in Waiting

“Hurry up and get married already, you two!“ “Why are you waiting so long?“ The above are just some of the things I’ve heard people say to me. The questions have been getting somewhat louder after they saw my fiance and me together in town recently. The Wisdom in Waiting The truth is we have… Read more…

Motherhood a Decade Later

Happy 10th Birthday

It’s that time of the year where I get fairly sentimental. My son turned 10 today. Double digit milestones! As he enters this new age, it means I’ve been someone’s mother for the past 10 years. A decade seems like a long time yet it seems to be flying by quickly. He grows right in… Read more…

Arti #UsiaCantik

Revitalift Dermalift L’Oreal Paris Skin Expert

Tujuh tahun lalu saat genap memasuki usia 30 tahun saya sempat panik. Panik karena merasa tidak siap berkepala 3! Duh! Segitu naifnya saya waktu itu. Kalau saja saya bisa menasihati diri sendiri mungkin percakapan antara saya di usia 29+ tahun dan usia saya yang sekarang akan seperti ini: 37+ me: “Tau nggak sih perjalanan hidup… Read more…

5 Long Distance Relationship Tips

5 Long Distance Relationship Tips

Having a long distance relationship is definitely NOT for everyone. “I don’t know how you do it!” get thrown at me a lot along the lines of “Wow that must be hard!” My fiancé and I are still in a long distance relationship. Yes, some doubt us because I don’t post about us as often… Read more…

On Following Your Path

The Calling - Scoops of Joy

I’ve been called stupid before for letting something go that wasn’t in alignment with my passions and belief. I walked away from what to others seemed like an opportunity of a lifetime for the sake of my sanity. I gave up a security that was costing me my well-being. On Following Your Path For what?… Read more…

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