Our little one is growing up super fast and since moving around has been a part of our lives, it would be best to documented his milestones, his achievements and all things related to him in a place that won’t get hidden inside boxes after boxes. The way I had lost his Baby Book *cries* somewhere between Jakarta and China.

Lil’ A was born a preemie on December 7, 2006. Considered a preemie since he was 5 weeks early than the expected due date which was January 11, 2007.

Hold my hand

It all went back to my 30th weeks pregnancy check up. They found out my blood pressure was way above normal,  urine check was ordered by my obygyn. While waiting for the result, they placed me on the monitoring room in the adjacent hospital and a fetal monitor was strapped to my big belly. Result came back with a bad news… I had a severe preeclampsia and was immediately admitted to the hospital’s room.

Scared to death might not describe how I felt at the time correctly! We were told that if my blood pressure did not go down they will have to do an emergency c-section. But since their NICU is not equipped to care for a 30th weeks born preemie, I will have to deliver in the nearest big town, which is Birmingham, AL which was about 2-3.5 hours drive away.

On my last night at the hospital, another doctor was doing the round up as mine had to go out of town for a seminar or something. He told me that he is amazed I did not have the most peculiar symptoms of preeclampsia which includes but not limited to swollen ankles, headaches, blurred visions, etc. All I had was the obvious super high blood pressure and the urine test shows I was leaking protein from my kidney. He assured us that they will try to do their best for me to keep the baby and he did not want to deliver the baby so soon for fear that the lungs won’t be strong enough.

That doctor was so good, I switched to be patient instead. Please don’t get me wrong, the one we had was a good doctor too but she seemed to be pushing for me to deliver early while Dr. Richards was more determined to let me baked Lil’ A a little longer.  3 days and 2 steroids shots  later – to prepare Lil’ A if he had to make an early appearance – my blood pressure was considered stable enough for me to go home.

Five weeks later, after a strict bed rest, constant doctor visits (including Fetal Non-Stress Tests/NST, urine tests and tons of Ultrasounds), it was time for Little A to came to see the world. My blood pressure was well beyond 180/90 (I can’t exactly remember the numbers) and Dr. Richards worried that if we continue any longer, my own life will be at stake as I could get a stroke or seizure. He thinks at 35 weeks Lil’ A will be stronger and we don’t have to travel to Birmingham.

So the very same day that we came to the Doctor’s office thinking I’d just had another round of being strapped down – peeing in a cup – etc etc, turned out to be the day that I got to meet the little man face to face. An emergency c-section was scheduled for 5:00 PM that day. They sent us home to picked up stuffs that I’ll need. Silly us, we stopped by Wall-mart to pick up preemie outfits for Little A. While at the cashier, the friendly lady asked me “So, when are you due?” looking at my obvious big belly. “At 5:00 PM!” and the look on her face made me almost fell on my back laughing. That’s kinda awesome because we got a good laugh while the situation was very stressful.

Lil’ A turned out to be slightly bigger than what the doctor expected – he was 6lbs, 5oz and 20 inches long. His APGAR score was great. But he did have some minor breathing problems and was put under an oxygen hood almost immediately after they took him to NICU. It ‘only’ took me 3 days to be able to hold him in my arms and that was the most beautiful moment ever! Total, he spent one week in the hospital with the last 3 days in a special room for babies with jaundice and needs the UV lights treatments.

Now, he is a very healthy, fearless, vigorous little boy that never cease to amazes me.


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