Leaving The Comfort Zone

Well hello, blogosphere…

It’s been a long while and I have somewhat ‘unplugged’ myself from the blogging world that I love so much and focused my energy and time on other things of my life.


So where do I start?

What about the fact that I had decided to stay at home and left the corporate world. Besides personal reasons that made me choose to be spending more time with my family, my son, I realized the time has come for me to leave. I just couldn’t see myself sitting behind that desk any longer. My soul is simply not in there anymore. Of course I miss the people but I know my time was up and it was closing time.

And this took place last month.

The first week being home I spent most of the times entertaining a 7 years old who was out of school after his midterm.

We went to the park and to KidZania.

Watching my boy bravely climbed up those walls, my heart was in a knot. He said he did it before when his school went there for a field trip just weeks before but still, the mama bear in me was a bit unsure until I saw how easily he maneuver himself. Up and away he goes…until he reached the bell at 7.5-meter height. The look on his face…priceless! Pure joy especially after he successfully finished the wall climb twice – yes that’s my fearless little man right there! – I wish I could bottle up those glow beaming from him to show him when one day he’s feeling down as a reminder that there is joy in everything. No matter what!

Climbing High

We played with the cute dogs of my good friend, and we spent so much time one on one.

Playing with dogs

That one on one time was a luxury when I was still working…a simple joy that I easily missed out on in the middle of a busy life.

Life is changing yet again but that’s what life suppose to be isn’t? If nothing changes then you really are not living.

I plan to get lost in our deep – sometimes-borderline silly goofy – conversations with my man.

I plan to spend lots of time with my mother…

I plan to understand my boy a little more…

I plan to devour those stacks of books in my room…

I plan to take my health back in my control again…

I plan to return to my writing…

So this is where I am today, things are falling into its places. New routines were created, new opportunities awaits me as I put myself out there, ready to embark on a new chapter of learning and growing. Things may be uncomfortable but that’s where growth happens…outside of the comfort zone.

And I am now running away from my comfort zone…joyfully!

Outside Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

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