A Future Bride Story

She could hear the birds singing outside…morning sunrise peeking gently through the curtains.

She opened her eyes and thought “Today’s the day…” Instinctively she traces the ring on her left hand and grabbed her phone.

Good morning, Sayang.” She typed and sent to the love of her life.

Good morning, Princess.” He replied almost instantly.

Are you ready for today?” She had a big smile on her face while she typed that.

I’m nervous but at the same time I can’t wait!” He inserted some dancing icons and she laughed.

See you soon! I love YOU!

See you soon, darling. I love YOU!

Judging from the muffled sounds coming from outside her room, she knew she wasn’t the first one awake that day.

Today’s the day…” as if she needed to reassure herself, she then stretches and got up. A smile bloomed on her face.

Selamat pagi*!” She greeted her family gathered by the kitchen having breakfast.

Pagi*, Non.” Her father’s warm smile felt like a hug.

Are you ready?” Her sister in law asked as she made herself a cup of tea. Her cute little niece is walking around cheerfully. She smiled and replied “As ready as I’ll ever be!

Mommy…” her boy came up and gave her a hug.

Good morning, pumpkin.” She sat down with her tea after she gave him a kiss.

Let’s have breakfast!” her mother walked in and urged everyone to fuel up for their big day.


Today’s the day…

We are Engaged!

After months, weeks and days of preparation, all leading up to this very special day that is finally here.

She felt all sorts of mixed emotions as she slowly sipped her tea. She wanted to be alone so she went to sit by the pool.

She remembered how he had asked her the first time. How she wanted to shout it from the rooftop. How her family reacted to the news. How they started planning things.

That brought a smile on her face and warm loving feelings engulfed her.

Then she looked back…to see all the broken dreams, all the heartaches that lead her to find herself, to rediscover her, the woman she is meant to be. Her heart feels full! Gratitude washes over her strongly, warmly. She has been through oohh, so much and to finally find this beautiful soul mate of hers – yes, she still believes in soul mates – it makes her feel overwhelmed with gratefulness. They’ve been through so much already. They both overcame challenging things together and their bonds grew thicker, stronger with time.

She knows there will more challenges up ahead yet she is not afraid. As long as they stick together they can make it through whatever life brings them.

Although this will be the second time for them both, in so many ways it feels like the first time.

Hold my hand always
For as long as she remembered, she had pictured herself walking down the aisle since she was a little girl. That never happened in her first marriage. She pretty much gave up all of her dreams of how her wedding day should be after she married for the first time, far away from all of her family. It wasn’t the right decision but one she had committed herself to. Her dreams and hopes were dashed by reality and she never felt what it was like to be a bride.

That is why she felt the need to do everything the right way this second time around. They took their time to get to know each other very well. They spent plenty of time together. They communicated openly about how they felt from day one. They both decided for the right reasons this time.

They both want something intimate, a celebration of their love, of their journey and their commitment to each other in front of their families.

I want to be a bride, D…” she told him a few weeks after they got engaged. “It will be my first and my last chance.

I understand, M and of course it will be your last chance.” as always he understands her more than anyone could ever do and she wiped away her happy tears.

So they planned their special day…

And that day finally arrives.

The day where she will slip into that gorgeous white wedding dress…veils included and feel like a real bride.

The day where her father will finally get a chance to walk his only daughter down the aisle to hand her over to the man that will soon be her husband…her handsome groom.

The day where she will exchange sacred vows with him, that one man who she wants to share the rest of her life with.

The day where their families get to share their love and commitments through laughter and joy.

And that is how my Bridestory will be.


Yes, I am engaged since the end of July to the most amazing man ever! When is the wedding? We’ll keep you posted for sure so stick around. The post above is partially how I picture our wedding day will be and I personally have been using Bridestory myself to prepare for our wedding.

He is the one
What is Bridestory? It is a one-stop online wedding vendor directory from Indonesia. They helps users find, select and compare wedding vendors from 18 different categories. You can build your dream wedding that matches your budget too. There are honest reviews from real brides too. Their layout is so pretty too and the easy to use navigation help to find what you are looking for. I have been spending hours looking around and make notes.

If you are newly engage (and you are in Indonesia) I highly recommend Bridestory to help you prepare for your big special day. Be it a small wedding or an all out big wedding that you are after, they have you covered!


Disclosure: Bridestory compensate me for this sponsored post but their offer came at exactly the right time as I just got engaged and haven’t announce it yet! All opinions are my own.

Note: *Selamat pagi = Good morning
**Pagi = morning

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