Bonding Over Beauty Salon

Being an auntie or on my case a “Mama Oyen”- changed me.

Yes, I have been madly head over heels in love with my little niece, Letisya.

There’s just something that brings out the motherly instinct in you about holding a baby. The smell of a baby? Oh, don’t even let me start! If before, my uterus would do a somersault when I hold babies, and this time my uterus went totally crazy wanting to have another baby. Hah!

How could I not?

Look at her!


Holding her, seeing her smile make me long to have a daughter too.

I had written about how much I want a baby girl before but witnessing how my beautiful sister in law is bonding with her daughter, how they even dressed in matching colors is just so adorable.

It made the longing grew louder…

We went to a beauty salon a couple of weeks ago, all four of us ladies in our family. That means: my mother, me, my sister in law Shirley and my niece Tisya. My boy was over at his Dad’s for the weekend.

She was being such a good baby and we all had our treatments. We took turns holding her and Shirley got some much needed mommy’s me time too.

Witnessing how Tisya calmly play on her mom’s lap while mom is getting a hair spa looked almost picture perfect. Motherhood bliss!

Mom and baby

I was sitting right next to my mother when we were almost done. She was having her hair blow out by the stylist while I went through some hairstyle magazine. We both talked about hair with the stylist too.

Ma, look at this style…isn’t it pretty?” I would occasionally show her some bridal hairdos that I thought look great.

Already I told the stylist that no thank you but I am not cutting my hair. I am growing them for the wedding.

He made my mother’s hair look beautiful! She was smiling and looking all happy. She said her hair never looks that good before. She asked me to take some pictures to send to my father.

When she was done, she went to the bathroom and the stylist said something that pulled on my heartstrings…

You are lucky to have such a close relationship with your mother that you can both go to beauty salons together and talk and make jokes like this. That is rare.

Then I realized something.

Yes, I am blessed to have these times to spend with my mother doing girly things like pampering ourselves in a beauty salon.

I can see my sister in law doing the same thing with her daughter later.

It is a fun girly mother-daughter thing to share.

Maybe one day I will get to experience the same thing with my own daughter.

For now I shall enjoy every chance all 4 of us girls can spend together in a beauty salon.

What is your favorite mother-daughter bonding time?

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