Happy Father’s Day

What’s best for Alex?

How can we move forward?

I don’t know him M, so I can’t judge him.” *this is when I vented about Alex’s father not about Alex*

I wish I could be there to share the ups and the downs of parenting with you

Let’s find what works for him, M.

We just need to understand him.

Those are  just some snippets of our conversations. In between my tears of frustrations and my disappointments…he reminded me to be strong, to be calm, to focus on what matters most…this little boy. He keep reminding me that it is all a process of learning and growing for all of us. That life is a great adventure for the three of us.

We have been facing some ups and downs lately but this post is not about the downs.

This post is to celebrate him. The man who came into my life and has not only accept but truly embrace, caring and loving my boy.

So grateful to have a man who love my son just like his own and really take the time to care for him from many miles away. He talks to Alex, they play together, he took great interests and care deeply for his happiness, his well-being and his health. He fills the big huge gap in my son’s life. This man has given so much love and joy for Alex.

He is the real man.

I salute all men who step up and more than willing to take responsibilities to help raise someone else’s child not because they are forced to but because they see these children as great teachers in the form of little soul. Because they choose to love.  And their love comes naturally as their bond forms with the children. They lovingly share their knowledge, their wisdom’s to these children unconditionally and that is beyond beautiful to witness.

So to hear this “Mommy, when you marry Oom Dan he will be your husband. That means I will have two Daddy. Then Mommy will have another baby…it’s a girl!” Coming out of the blue from my boy for us all to hear *yes thank you Skype* just made me all choked up.

How honored am I, M? So honored!” his warm smiles suddenly got bigger and his eyes shines brightly on the screen when we discussed what Alex said.

He longs to have a family, this beautiful boy of mine. He has been telling others that my husband lives in Australia. Bless his heart!

They may not be related by blood yet their bonds are clear and strong.

He understands Alex.

He loves Alex.

He treats Alex just like his own child.

When we are together, we feel like a real family.

Really it doesn’t get any better than this, does it? Well it will be once we can officially become a family. Insert big wide smile here.

On this Father’s Day, I wish to thank my love, my best friend, my lover, my partner, my rock for being a great father figure in our boy’s life. Alex and I are truly blessed to have him in our life. He may not be officially a step-dad just yet but he has done so much over the past year, he deserves special recognition too this day.

Thank you D!

We love you.

fathers day

Happy Father’s Day to all  Dads in this world, Step-Dads, Grandpas, Uncles out there who step up to the plate. And to all my fellow single moms who plays dual role in their children lives!

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