Single Mommyhood

  • Self-love | Scoops of Joy

    Why Self-love Matters

    “I just wish my story will be as incredible as yours…” That’s one of the many comments I received on Facebook several days ago after my status about our 2 years anniversary. While I genuinely thanked each and everyone that commented for their sweet wishes and kind words, my heart aches a little upon reading […] Read more…

  • Single Moms Indonesia

    Single Moms Indonesia: a Year Later

    Over five years ago, when I plunged head first into the deep and unknown sea of single motherhood, I had no one to talk to. I know no one who were in the same boat at the time. Everything was foreign. Scary and sadly lacking support. Then as life unfolds, I began to make friends […] Read more…

Joyful Life

  • how to make time for yourself

    How To Make Time For Yourself

    “How bout we make a rule not to talk about work on Sunday?” His words rang so much truth that it hits me like a lightning bolt. Despite his understanding of my work and my long working hours lately, I realized how much he missed me and how much I missed him equally (if not […] Read more…

  • Friday Reflections

    Friday Reflections: 5 Things I’m Grateful For This Week

    I have been meaning to join Janine and Mackenzie for their brand new linky party called Friday Reflections since they first started but life has been absolutely crazy busy lately on my end that the first thing that fell through is blogging… So here goes, ladies! 5 Things I’m Grateful For This Week 1. A new […] Read more…


  • Tips Blogging Untuk Pemula

    Tips Blogging Untuk Pemula

    Minggu lalu saya sudah ngebahas tips untuk konsisten ngeblog dan karena response-nya lumayan bagus minggu ini saya sambung lagi ya dengan topik yang berbeda. Tips Blogging Untuk Pemula #bloggerindonesia #belajarngeblog Click To Tweet Tips Blogging Untuk Pemula Blogger VS WordPress Keputusan pertama sebelum mulai blogging adalah menentukan platform yang akan kita pakai. Yang paling populer […] Read more…

  • Tips Konsisten Ngeblog | Scoops of Joy

    Tips Konsisten Ngeblog

    Ini postingan pertama yang pake Bahasa Indonesia di 2015. Setiap hari Jumat, Scoops of Joy bakalan rutin posting dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Topik pertama ini terinspirasi dari komentar Mbak Lia di postingan tentang schedule Scoops of Joy di tahun 2015. Terima kasih Mbak! “Keren mbak, sudah punya schedule-nya. aku kepengen bikin, cuma masih takut gak konsisten. […] Read more…

Bahasa Indonesia

  • Single Moms Indonesia

    5 Tips untuk Single Moms

    Selamat datang lagi di Single Moms Monday, semoga kali ini saya bisa rutin posting setiap hari Senin untuk topik-topik mengenai kehidupan sebagai single mom. Dengan semakin bertumbuhnya grup Single Moms Indonesia, saya mulai melihat satu pola pertanyaan yang nyaris serupa diposting oleh anggota-anggota baru. Misalnya: “Bagaimana caranya bisa kuat?” “Gimana ngelanjutin hidup sebagai orang tua […] Read more…

  • trust and follow our instincts (1)

    Kembali Menjadi Ibu Pekerja

    Sudah lama nggak nulis dengan Bahasa Indonesia di hari Jumat. Sibuk ngapain aja sih sampe ngeblog aja keteteran? Sibuk kerja… Kembali Menjadi Ibu Pekerja alias Full time working mom Sudah dua bulan lebih sedikit sejak saya resmi balik lagi kerja kantoran. Kembali ke dunia kerja. Setelah tulisan saya terakhir mengenai gimana rasanya memutuskan untuk balik kerja full time, […] Read more…


  • Just Us Two

    5 Tips To Enjoy Romantic Getaway

    “I hope you guys won’t kill each other after a few days!” That’s just one of the doubtful lines I’ve heard about my getaway with Dan to a romantic secluded place. And to that, I can now smile and said we had the best times of our lives together. Even before we went on our getaway, […] Read more…

  • Swim With Turtles

    Discovering South Sulawesi: Tanjung Bira

    The day after our trip to Kodingareng Keke Island, as planned we drove by our rental car from Makassar to Tanjung Bira. Tanjung Bira is a small village located in the southeast of South Sulawesi. It is part of Bulukumba regency. The distance between Makassar to Tanjung Bira is approximately 190km. About 5 hours drive. […] Read more…